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Flatware & cutlery

Our wide range of flatware, cutlery and silverware sets blend quality and affordability, making it easy for you to add your style to the table. Our flatware collection offers a great variety of cutlery sets featuring packs of knives, salad forks, dessert spoons, complete dinner sets and much more. All IKEA flatware, cutlery and silverware are available in many unique styles, including elegant curvy stainless steel designs to wooden utensils with handles for a more rustic look.

Cutlery sets to suit your style

Give your table settings a bit of flavor. From quality cutlery sets in stainless steel with timeless design to sets with colorful handles to match your dinnerware.

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A black and white striped place mat with a napkin on it holding a knife, two forks and two spoons from a DRAGON cutlery set.
A table with tea towels, plates, dishes and drinking glasses, and the knives, forks and spoons of UPPHÖJD cutlery.
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Enhance your dinner parties with serving sets

Find serving utensils that help you scoop or grab items from any delectable dish brought to your dining room or backyard patio table. Choose serving sets perfect for serving scalloped potatoes, fried chicken, grilled asparagus spears in lemon butter or roast fish in a tomato roasted red pepper sauce.

Types of serving utensils offered at IKEA

Select rustic bamboo serving spoons and forks that are 12” long to mix and serve a big bowl of salad to start or end a meal at your next dinner party. Or use 9” bamboo serving tongs to dish out arugula, lemon and pecorino salads with grilled peaches on your outdoor patio furniture, or leave salads out in an ornate wooden bowl at a dining room buffet banquet and let guests help themselves. Either way, bamboo salad serving utensils will be a hit in any dining room or patio featuring Scandi traditional décor elements. 

Need to serve roast chicken and potatoes, ladle out gravy made from pan drippings and serve cake to celebrate the birthday boy or girl at the end of the meal? Then call upon a stainless steel 4 piece serving set with a long, sturdy serving fork, spoon, cake server and ladle. 

Or use classic stainless steel serving tongs to grab finished vegetables from a serving tray or as salad tongs. 

Also find 2 piece serving sets featuring a serving spoon and serving fork. Or go with 6 packs of dessert or salad forks that can double as serving utensils.

Serving sets perfect for any gathering

Get ready for any holiday with serving sets from IKEA. Find large serving spoons for chips and dip and stainless steel tongs for pulling glazed ribs from a serving platter at your 4th of July backyard barbecue. Or use a convenient 4-piece serving set to ladle out the gravy and serve the turkey leg confit and skirt steak with chimichurri you made for Friendsgiving. Call upon slotted serving spoons for serving stuffing, corn and string beans at Thanksgiving. Having a lot of family and friends over for your next holiday party? Find affordable 6 packs of serving utensilsthat make it easier to complete place settings for your extended family.

Frequently asked questions about serving sets

How to wash a wood serving set?

Bamboo serving spoons, forks and serving tongs are handwash only. While they may be pretreated, you may want to apply food approved oil every 6 to 12 months.

How to use a serving set?

Pair serving utensils with servings platters or cutting boards to serve up roasted vegetables, cheeses or charcuterie at your next fancy dinner party. Put out salad tongs and easy to clean stainless steel serving utensils on a buffet banquet along with stacks of serving plates next to grilled meats or fish on display on a serving platter