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Wireless & home speakers

IKEA’s popular home speakers offer superior sound quality and sleek, modern designs at surprisingly affordable prices. Our powerful SYMFONISK wireless speakers bathe your home in crisp, clear sound, whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster on the couch or working through chores to your weekend playlist or favorite podcast. We offer home speakers the whole family can enjoy, with unique designs that complement your home decor. Many styles can even be controlled using a convenient app so you don’t have to get up to turn up the volume! Check the product details for your favorite styles for more information.

Crisp, clear and loud – like the feedback you’ll get from the neighbors

Looking for a stylish speaker that still packs a punch? Then the new VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker might be up your alley. Adjust the volume, skip tracks and create the perfect atmosphere with just a tap on your phone. Looking for that extra juice? Why not pair two speakers for a stereo sound experience.

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A yellow room with two VAPPEBY bluetooth speakers, in black and white, placed on top of two pedestals.
The front of a white VAPPEBY bluetooth speaker with the different speaker elements in black clearly visible.
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Speakers of the house

Start your favorite song with a speaker that makes the tunes blend into your home. Choose a Wi-Fi speaker that’s also a lamp, or that’s also a bookshelf, or that’s also a picture frame and enjoy a fantastic sound.

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A black SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker is hanging on a white wall over a dark brown cabinet.
A white SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker hangs on a beige bedroom wall behind a bed with white bedlinen.
A black SYMFONISK speaker lamp base with Wi-Fi and a black glass shade is placed on a wooden table by a green plant.
A SYMFONISK floor lamp with WiFi speaker is standing in a living room next to a green sofa on a cream rug.
A white SYMFONISK Wi-Fi bookshelf speaker is hanging on the wall in a living room next to a white sofa.
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Home speakers that bring big sound in a small profile

IKEA’s wifi speakers pack a lot of power into petite profiles that make it easy to incorporate them into any space. Gone are the days of bulky oversized speakers that dominate the living room, collecting dust and taking up precious space. In fact, many of our modern speakers are built into other home essentials, including floor lamps and desk lamps

Wireless speakers that easily move from room to room

For the ultimate in portability, our bluetooth speakers collection is a must! Tiny in size but big on  sound, these wireless speakers make it easy to move throughout your home without missing a beat. Take your favorite tunes along for all your chores, from the laundry room to the garden. And don’t forget to toss one of our wireless speakers in your bag for your next afternoon at the park or beach!