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Warmer weather is equal with more time spent outside, and in the company of comfortable outdoor furniture, those summer nights can last (almost!) forever. We have a wide range of outdoor furniture, like rattan furniture, for every space and style. We're sure you'll find new, comfy favorites here!

Create an extra room outdoors

Make the most of the season with updates to transform your outdoor space.

See all parasols & gazebos
See all parasols & gazebos

Browse coordinated outdoor furniture

Dine and relax with flexible and easy-to-care-for outdoor furniture that suits every space and budget.

TORPARÖ series.
TORPARÖ series
ÄPPLARÖ series.
ÄPPLARÖ series
SJÄLLAND series.
SOLLERÖN series.

Organized for planting season

Ready to move your plants outdoors? TORDH open shelving units and KLÄMTARE boxes with snap-lock lids help you keep balcony gardening supplies and kids’ toys nearby and safe from the elements.

See all outdoor organizing
See all outdoor organizing

Trip the light fantastic

Brighten up your garden or balcony with lighting chains. Add a couple of SOLVINDEN solar-powered LED lanterns, BORRBY lanterns or GODAFTON LED block candles to make the night a little brighter and cozier.

See all outdoor lighting
See all outdoor lighting

Quick guides to a more sustainable home

The outdoors keeps us happy and healthy in many ways. A sunny space we can claim as our own is something worth treasuring. At IKEA we have garden products, outdoor decorations and accessories to make your outdoor space flourish. Turn your patio into the perfect socializing spot, or your balcony into an oasis of relaxation. Watch your garden flourish with colourful plants or grow your own veggies. Whether you’re browsing products for a large yard or a narrow balcony, you’ll find tons of sunny inspiration in our garden product range.

Garden products for your dining area

If you’ve got the space for it, outdoor dining table and chairs are summertime essentials. You’ll find everything from light and small outdoor dining furniture which tucks away, to large and sturdy dining tables and chairs that withstand the elements. Choose dining tables and chairs separately or take a look at our complete outdoor dining sets. We also have the accessories to add that final, cozy touch. With comfortable outdoor cushions and romantic outdoor lighting, you'll never want the late-night hangouts to end.

Garden furniture and accessories for the calm spot

Create the feeling of a living room outside with a comfy sofa in the corner of the balcony. Enjoy a nap in the sun on one of our sun loungers. Or stack up with books and spend your weekends reading in a garden hammock. By adding a hanging umbrella, you can enjoy cooling shade on a hot day. There are so many ways to turn your outdoor space into a true haven of fresh air, nature and relaxation. Affordable garden furniture and stylish patio accessories can be found throughout our outdoor range, so get browsing for a style that speaks to you.

Get set for planting with IKEA garden products

Plants and flowers can brighten up your home in an instant. As the gardening season approaches, find all kinds of handy gardening equipment at IKEA. Our colorful range includes both indoor and outdoor plants that can be planted in pots or in a garden bed.