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Vases & bowls

A vase always in bloom

You can put whatever flowers you like in a PÅDRAG vase – or nothing at all. It’ll turn out lovely either way.

See all vases
See all vases

What are the different kinds of vases?

We have over 50 different kinds of large vases and decorative bowls, in varying shapes and styles, to suit every home and occasion.

How tall should flowers be in a vase?

For the perfect vase arrangement, you might need to trim the stems of the bouquet. To ensure the right length, measure the stems against the flower vase, and cut them all so they’re slightly longer than the vase. When you’ve got them all the same length, make a secondary cut at the base at a 45-degree angle – this improves the surface area of the stem so it can drink more water. And to make sure you don’t crush the stem while doing this, use a sharp pair of kitchen scissors or shears.

What are the advantages of glass vases?

The popularity of glass vases is down to their ability to play with and bend natural light. Different shapes and cuts of glass refract light in different ways, adding an extra dimension of decoration to your home. They’re also great for outdoor use, as they’re easily cleaned and totally weatherproof – something you could even consider for summer in the garden.