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TV & media furniture

We’ve come a long way from black-and-white TV units to games, on-demand movies and 3D. One thing hasn’t changed – needing a stand or cabinet for the TV unit. Our selection helps cut the clutter, manage cables and get things prettied up. So you can relax and enjoy your TV, even when it isn’t on.

Fun ways to style your TV area

With a sleek and modern TV storage combination in a neutral color, it’s easy to style a room with colors and patterns that you like. A tip: make a colorful art wall with your favorite prints for a show-stopping media corner.

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A tv stand with doors in a charcoal gray color, picture frames above mounted against a pink wall.
A black RANNÄS TV bench with glass doors against a pink wall with plenty of colorful art with black frames.
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The BESTÅ storage system.

Create your favorite TV unit combination

Do you prefer a mix of colors or a sleek and clean monochrome look? The BESTÅ system offers so many options that you can combine to easily get the personal storage solution that’s right for your space.

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Media furniture that goes above and beyond

Now that you know how much space you can work with we get to the fun part – designing the space! So, how do you visualize your perfect TV setup? Do you see a large, solid piece of furniture that supports a large TV? Or do you picture a light, floating, wall-mounted unit?

Floor-based TV units

When it comes to floor-based TV units, we offer plenty of styles and designs to choose from. A TV console with visible legs can be a nice addition to your decor if you match colors and materials to other details in your room. A piece without legs can give a more solid, unified touch to your room, as the legs won’t disturb the view. Both types of units offer storage solutions and can handle the weight if you have a larger TV.

Wall units

A TV wall unit creates a clean and minimalistic look. It's also easier to vacuum under; just a quick sweep and you're done. But here you have to consider what kind of wall you’re planning to mount it on, as the wall itself must handle the weight of the cabinet. Especially if you’re planning on putting the TV on top of it. If you’re worried about this, we’d recommend you mount your TV to the wall with a wall bracket, and use the TV wall unit simply for storage or style.

Combined solutions

If you’re in dire need of storage, why not go with cabinets above and below your tv for maximum capacity? There’ll be enough room for your home cinema system and digital boxes, and you can add your personal touch with home accessories and decorations.

A combined solution like this can also help frame your TV if you have a larger model. It can create an elegant wall installation that’s just as eye-catching with the screen turned off.

Open or closed TV cabinets?

Some of our TV stands have open shelves, while others hide the storage behind cabinet doors. Depending on what you want to display, you can go for one or the other. If you’ve got your wires and cables built into the wall (or if you have proper cable management accessories), then open shelves can be a cool option. That way, you can showcase your beautiful interior details. Open shelves are also a good idea if you play video games, as the game console might need space for ventilation to not get overheated.

If your wires and cables are visible, a unit with doors might be a good idea. That way, you can just hide them and pretend they don’t exist. It’ll also give you the option to hide your digital boxes and such if you don’t fancy showing them off. Just remember, not all units can handle the signal from a remote control if the cabinet door is in the way. And you’ll have to open the door when you’re playing video games.