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When we look at clocks, we see more than just the time. Whether it’s a big wall clock in your kitchen or an alarm clock by your bed, they reflect your style and help complete your home. And getting a new clock is easy and affordable, too, when you feel it’s time for a change.

Clock, clock on the wall. Who’s the most punctual of them all?

Why reach in your pocket to check the time when you can admire stylish clocks that can serve as accent or focal points while complementing any décor scheme? Find affordable wall clocks, alarm clocks and table clocks in a variety of styles to help express your sense of style.

Clocks for every style and occasion

Choose traditional analog wall clocks with a timeless look or go with a variety of wall clocks with classic black and white designs. Find contemporary clocks including those where the numbers are formed with holes punched into the metal or select a simple design without numbers for a clean dining room. Choose minimalist clocks with a bare few elements to help express Scandi modern decor style in your kitchen or living room.

Find analog dual bell alarm clocks to place on your bedroom nightstand in styles ranging from the classic look of metal and glass street clocks to more modern black steel box clocks. Or go with modern digital alarm clocks tiny enough to place on picture ledges or bookshelves in the bedroom or living room, as well as crowded kitchen shelving. Even find playful, colorful designs that are great for the kid’s bedroom or playroom.