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Kids have a lot of work to do – like developing who they are and discovering the world. Having the right things at home can make things easier. From the day you bring them home to when they're all grown up, our children’s playroom furniture will help you turn your home into the best possible playground.

Introducing a new toy storage helper

Here’s some versatile toy storage to make waves at tidy-up time. Your child will love sorting and playing with their toys using its compartments. And you’ll love its washable mesh fabric and how it slinks off to the side of the room when the kids have gone to bed.

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The lower part of a turquoise TIGERFINK storage with compartments with a BLÅVINGAD soft toy octopus and turtle at the bottom.
    A child kneeling on the floor putting a BLÅHAJ baby shark soft toy into the top of a TIGERFINK storage with compartments.
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      A bed with space for all their dreams and things

      Can’t see the floor for clutter in your teen’s bedroom? Try a double-duty bed! Our children’s beds with storage are full of smart, affordable solutions that include drawers, shelves and even desks to transform the smallest room into a haven of teen cool.

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      A white SMÅSTAD loft bed in a teen’s bedroom with a grey ÖRFJÄLL swivel chair and a GRANVÅG mirror by the desk underneath.
        A young person lies on a SLÄKT bed with storage by a window, reading a device. Shelves made from skateboards are on the wall.
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          A new car track for your little drivers

          Where do they want to go today? This children’s car track lets them design their route for the day before setting off on a trip around town. It helps to develop their fine motor skills and logical thinking – as well as being a whole lot of fun!

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          A child playing with a car on a RÄVUNGE car track set on a bedroom floor with a PERJOHAN bench with storage behind them.
            Part of a RÄVUNGE car track set on a floor showing a roundabout with a kneeling child holding and pushing a car on a road.
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              Many products from the BLÅVINGAD collection including soft toys, bed linen and a towel, with some wooden carvings of waves.

              Dive into the new BLÅVINGAD collection!

              There’s bed linen, lighting, toys and more in this sea-inspired collection for kids from three years up. Many products are made with recycled polyester made from ocean-bound plastic.

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              Four LADDA rechargeable batteries, HR6 AA with a battery capacity of 2450 mAh, lie in a row on a yellow surface.

              Find out how rechargeable batteries can help you make sure your kid’s toys don’t stop during all the fun.