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Food storage & organizing

New spice and condiment shakers, mills and bottles

These stylish homes for spices and condiments bring an elegant touch to any table. Real attention getters. They’re not your grandfather’s old salt and pepper mills. Containers for salt, pepper, oils and spices to put flavor and flair at your fingertips.

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An OMBONAD wine glass in gray on a table with HALVTOM salt and pepper shakers and a bottle with pouring spout.
HALVTOM spice mills in glass/brown, and GLATTIS coasters with holder in brass color.
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New vibrant bottles and lunch bags for active people

This colorful lunch bag holds your lunch, beverage and snacks and the practical handles makes it easy to carry. The perfect companion to this long-lasting, patterned stainless steel water bottle. The slim design, a handle on the lid, just pop it in the bag and you’re ready to go.

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An ENKELSPÅRIG water bottle and a FLADDRIG lunch bag in striped/multicolor by a KORKEN jar with lid in clear glass.
A cycle basket holding an ENKELSPÅRIG water bottle and a FLADDRIG lunch bag in striped/multicolor filled with diverse items.
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Kitchen kit for on-the-go healthy lunches

These stylish and affordable bottles and tiffin box turn your kitchen into a healthy and handy take-away lunch factory. Make your food, food goes in the box, drink goes in the bottle, box and bottle go in a lunch bag, couldn’t be easier.

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A FÖRSKAFFA insulated tiffin box with 2 tiers in stainless steel, a FORMSKÖN water bottle and a patterned lunch bag.
An APTITLIG butcher’s block in bamboo, a VÖRDA utility knife in black and a stainless steel FÖRSKAFFA insulated tiffin box.
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Food and pantry storage made easy

With our clever food storage containers, keeping your food fresh is a piece of cake (note: cake sold separately)! We offer big jars for grains, stylish tins for tea, or light, roomy lunch boxes for dinner leftovers. Whatever your food storing needs, we’ve got you - and your food - covered. 

Organize your food storage

Organization is the key to an efficient kitchen. You want to keep a place for each thing and keep each thing in its place. You also want to be able to keep track of your stock quickly and easily, so you always know when to plan a refill.  

With some nice see-through glass or plastic containers, you can have your complete stock in view. And keeping dry foods like legumes, grains, and spices adds a homely, rustic feeling to your kitchen.  

When not in use, many of our food storage containers can cleverly be stacked inside one another to save space. So, when they’re not storing food, they can be storing themselves!  

Aside from food storage, we also offer plenty of clever kitchen wall storage and kitchen pantry storage solutions to help you remain in control of your stuff.  

Durable food storage containers for microwaves and freezers

In our wide range of food storage, you’ll find lunch boxes and food containers that are both freezer friendly and microwave safe.  

This means you can store freezer friendly food for longer. And on lazy days, when cooking seems like a chore, just pop that thing straight out of the freezer into the microwave. You can thaw, heat, and enjoy your leftovers directly out of the box, meaning less dishes to do and less hassle.  

To find out which of our food containers are freezer and microwave safe, check the material descriptions on the product information pages.