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Kitchen linens & textiles

Why not make daily chores a bit more fun with decorative aprons and kitchen textiles made from natural materials like cotton and linen? More than just practical and affordable, these kitchen textiles and dish towels will lift the look of your kitchen with unique and stylized designs.

Kitchen towels for multi-taskers

There’s no end to the talents of the humble kitchen towel, whether you’re cooking and serving food – or cleaning everything up at the end of a hearty meal. It’s good to know that all the cotton in our kitchen towels is sustainably sourced, helping the planet as well as in your kitchen.

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A loaf of bread with a few slices cut from it and a white and dark grey RINNIG tea towel around it on a chopping board.
A person chopping herbs on a wooden chopping board wearing a striped apron with a red and white HILDEGUN tea towel on it.
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All lined up for your summer kitchen

Some kitchen accessories – oven gloves, kitchen towels, chopping boards, select utensils – are never far from the action. Hung on a rail, you’ll have your go-to helpers within reach at all times. Not to mention a stylish addition to your kitchen.

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A blue-and-brown GRILLTIDER oven glove hanging with other cooking accessories on S-hooks on a NEREBY birch rail in a kitchen.
A blue-and-brown GRILLTIDER oven glove hanging with other kitchen accessories from a row of NEREBY S-hooks.
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Be your best home chef with everything you need in kitchen linens and textiles

Stay on the go while putting together big family meals or dinner parties while keeping yourself and your kitchen clean with kitchen linens. Also reach for kitchen textiles whose functional design helps you grab those hot oven trays or pans. 

Find classic and decorative kitchen towels in neutral or vibrant colors for drying the dishes, wiping down kitchen counters, protecting counter or table tops from heavy or hot items, using as tea towels or wrapping gifts of baked sourdough for your neighbor. 

Pull roast chicken or sheet trays full of roasted broccoli from the oven with pot holders & oven mitts made with heat resistant insulating cotton blends or silicone rubber. 

Stay presentable and stylish for your dinner guests with kitchen aprons in minimalist or fun, decorative designs—either of which match IKEA dish towels and oven gloves & mitts down to the colors and patterns for a complete look in the kitchen. Protect yourself from stains and keep all eyes on you with stylish aprons from IKEA. 

Frequently asked questions about kitchen linens

How often should you change linens in the kitchen?

Every week or every few days depending on how often and how you use kitchen textiles and dining textiles. If you’re just using dish towels to dry clean counters or plates, they’re good if you set them aside to dry properly. If your kitchen towels pick up any food contamination, put them in the wash right away.        

What are kitchen textiles?

Any fabric designed to add convenience to any task in the kitchen. IKEA offers dish towels, oven gloves and aprons in smart fabric blends or materials that help you to dry dishes, clean up spills or protect your hands and clothes while staying busy in the kitchen.