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Shades, blinds & window treatments

Set the look with a blind

Why stop at windows? As well as holding back the light, our blinds have other useful functions. Try using them to keep things stored on shelves out of the spotlight, or even to divide a room. Our pleated SCHOTTIS blinds have the same look on either side, so you’ll get a balanced finish with lots of texture.

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A white SCHOTTIS pleated blind attached to a high shelf beside a BRIMNES wardrobe, and pulled down in front of mixed storage.
Two single beds placed head to head along a wall, with a dark grey SCHOTTIS block-out pleated blind hanging between them.
See all pleated & cellular blinds and shades

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More optionsHOPPVALS Cellular blind 36x64 "

HOPPVALS Cellular blind, beige, 48x64 "HOPPVALS Cellular blind, beige, 34x64 "HOPPVALS Cellular blind, beige, 32x64 "

More optionsRINGBLOMMA Roman blind 34x63 "

RINGBLOMMA Roman blind, white/green/stripe, 34x63 "RINGBLOMMA Roman blind, white/green/stripe, 48x63 "RINGBLOMMA Roman blind, white, 32x63 "

More optionsFÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind 34x61 "

FÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind, beige, 23x61 "FÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind, beige, 30x61 "FÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind, beige, 48x61 "

More optionsFRIDANS Black-out roller blind 34x76 ¾ "

FRIDANS Black-out roller blind, blue, 27x76 ¾ "FRIDANS Black-out roller blind, blue, 38x76 ¾ "FRIDANS Black-out roller blind, blue, 23x76 ¾ "

More optionsSCHOTTIS Black-out pleated blind 39 ¼x74 ¾ "

SCHOTTIS Pleated shade, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "

More optionsTRIPPEVALS Black-out cellular blind 34x76 ¾ "

TRIPPEVALS Black-out cellular blind, white, 30x76 ¾ "TRIPPEVALS Black-out cellular blind, white, 27x76 ¾ "TRIPPEVALS Black-out cellular blind, white, 38x76 ¾ "

More optionsSANDVEDEL Roller blind 34x76 ¾ "

SANDVEDEL Roller blind, beige, 27x76 ¾ "SANDVEDEL Roller blind, beige, 23x76 ¾ "SANDVEDEL Roller blind, beige, 30x76 ¾ "

More optionsLÅNGDANS Roller blind 34x76 ¾ "

LÅNGDANS Roller blind, gray, 27x76 ¾ "LÅNGDANS Roller blind, gray, 23x76 ¾ "LÅNGDANS Roller blind, gray, 30x76 ¾ "

More optionsTRETUR Black-out roller blind 34x76 ¾ "

TRETUR Black-out roller blind, light gray, 30x76 ¾ "TRETUR Black-out roller blind, light gray, 27x76 ¾ "TRETUR Black-out roller blind, light gray, 23x76 ¾ "

More optionsSKOGSKLÖVER Roller blind 34x76 ¾ "

SKOGSKLÖVER Roller blind, white, 48x76 ¾ "SKOGSKLÖVER Roller blind, white, 38x76 ¾ "SKOGSKLÖVER Roller blind, white, 27x76 ¾ "

More optionsPRAKTLYSING Cellular blind 34x76 ¾ "

PRAKTLYSING Cellular blind, smart wireless/battery operated white, 38x76 ¾ "PRAKTLYSING Cellular blind, smart wireless/battery operated white, 27x76 ¾ "PRAKTLYSING Cellular blind, smart wireless/battery operated white, 32x76 ¾ "
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A match made in sleep heaven

Want to create an environment ready for deep sleep? Pair a sleek black-out blind with style-setting curtains to create your sleep dream team. Enjoy the darkness you need to drop off whatever the light outside, along with an elegant textile finish to complete the cozy feel. Find out more in our guide.

How to block out the light and sleep better
ROSENMANDEL room darkening curtains hang in front of a bedroom window with a white TREDANSEN black-out cellular blind on it.
White SILVERLÖNN sheer curtains hang in front of a bedroom window with a beige FÖNSTERBLAD black-out roller blind on it.
How to block out the light and sleep better

Window shades and blinds for every room in your home

For the most part, the sun is your friend. And so is your friendly next-door neighbor Gary who sure has been going back and forth past the windows a lot while doing whatever it is he’s doing in his backyard. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of window blinds and shades that range from softly filtering outside light while providing privacy, to black-out blinds that will help your newborn baby sleep soundly in its nursery at any time of day. As opposed to drapes or curtains, window blinds and shades provide a clean, modern look that combines elegance and an economy of space.

The difference between window blinds and shades

While both window blinds and shades allow you to shut out or filter light while enhancing your privacy and your style, the two terms, which can be used interchangeably, can mean completely different things. For many blinds call to mind slatted window treatments that are adjusted to let in or block light. Meanwhile, shades are a single sheet of fabric pulled down from a roller, either manually or electronically. The term window blinds can also be applied to nearly any type of window covering, such as roman blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds, which others may call window shades.

Find a window shade or blind for every style and purpose

Select from a wide variety of window blinds and shades, all of which feature a smart design with a hidden chord for enhanced child safety.

Choose from:

Roller shades

Transform any room with the light, airy feel of the diffuse lighting provided by fabric roller blinds. Roller blinds pull down smoothly to the right level with an attached clip that can be connected to an installed fastener at the bottom of the window frame. Options range from a stylish white polyester fabric with the elegant look of linen, which blends with any setting, to a paper and polyester blend that provides a rustic look that can match any wooden paneling or window frames.

Roman shades

The distinct, horizontally pleated look of roman blinds is also functional—it allows you to easily raise the blind to several pre-determined heights as it has magnets in the channels. Find options in white or white with green stripes that add an airy feel while filtering light and adding privacy.

Pleated and cellular shades

Pleated shades (in white) offer a stylish, subdued accordion look and as with other blinds, some light passes through for a charming ambience that can add a dreamy feel to the elegance of French doors, while any passing eyes can only admire the stylish window dressing. The honeycomb design of cellular blinds (in white, gray or black) creates a layer of insulation that keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They range from blocking out most to all light.

Blackout shades

Block out the sun completely with a wide variety of blackout shades, including blackout roller blinds with a wand like rod that smoothly drops the blind, and blackout pleated or cellular blinds.

Electronic blinds

Get rid of the need to get up with programmable electronic blackout roller blinds (in flecked, gray fabric) that you can adjust via remote control. Set them to go up and down with a timer with the TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app.

Choosing the right window blind for your home is easy

Find sheer fabric roller blinds that are made a bit longer to fit tall windows or balcony doors. While many blinds in the collection are available in various dimensions, options in pleated shades and roller blinds, which are made with recycled polyester, can be easily cut for custom fits. Select airy, elegant options in blinds that complement the striking features of French doors or balcony doors. Blackout shades are a great choice for your nursery or bedroom, particularly when you work third shift or just value a good afternoon nap. While the soft filtering of light provided by pleated or roller shades can cut down on glare, go with blackout shades for an enhanced home theater experience for your den or living room.

Installing window shades and blinds is easy-peasey

Several types of window blinds attach to your window frame with no drilling needed. Other options in shades can be mounted inside or outside the window frame, or in the ceiling (wall fittings included). The slot heading of the roman blinds allows you to hang the blind directly on a curtain rod (hooks are also included). For more convenience and greater flexibility in adding your personal touch day-to-day, several blinds use the same wall or ceiling brackets.

Get the measurements right before installing a window shade 

When measuring your windows, add at least 5¾" on each side to allow window shades and blinds to cover the window properly and open completely. Measure from the top of the window frame and stop where you want your window blinds or shades to end. As a rule of thumb, add 5¾" to the measurement. If you’re using a curtain rod or rack rail, mount it 5¾" above the window frame.

Taking care of your window blinds is simple

While some blinds can be washed, others cannot be and simply require either a dust cloth, vacuum brush or a damp rag and mild cleaning solution to wipe away dust and smudges. Do not iron, tumble dry or apply bleach.