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Window treatments

Saying yes to privacy and no to sun glare starts with your window treatments. It's all about choosing the solution that works best for you. Whether that's blackout blinds or sheer curtains, a corner fixture or a simple panel, you can find them all in lots of colors and styles.

The right light for you, all year round

Our room darkening curtains have year-round appeal. When the weather’s hot and the days are long they’ll help keep the light and heat out. After the mercury drops and dark days take hold, they’re on hand to make sure the cozy feel and the heat stay locked indoors. So you stay comfortable, whatever the season.

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An open pair of light gray MAJGULL room darkening curtains behind a white BACKSÄLEN 1.5 seat armchair with a cushion on it.
A window that has an open pair of grey-blue ANNAKAJSA room darkening curtains in front of a TREDANSEN black-out blind on it.
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More optionsROSENMANDEL Black-out curtains, 1 pair 53x84 "

ROSENMANDEL Room darkening curtains, 1 pair, yellow-beige, 53x98 "ROSENMANDEL Room darkening curtains, 1 pair, yellow-beige, 53x84 "ROSENMANDEL Room darkening curtains, 1 pair, dark blue, 53x98 "

More optionsHANNALILL Curtains, 1 pair 57x98 "

HANNALILL Curtains, 1 pair, beige, 57x84 "HANNALILL Curtains, 1 pair, blue-gray, 57x98 "HANNALILL Curtains, 1 pair, light brown, 57x98 "

More optionsFÖNSTERVIVA Panel curtain 24x118 "

FÖNSTERVIVA Panel curtain, white/beige, 24x118 "FÖNSTERVIVA Panel curtain, blue/gray, 24x118 "FÖNSTERVIVA Panel curtain, brown/gray, 24x118 "

More optionsHILJA Curtains, 1 pair 57x98 "

HILJA Curtains, 1 pair, gray, 57x98 ½ "HILJA Curtains, 1 pair, white, 57x84 "HILJA Curtains, 1 pair, white, 57x118 "

More optionsSANELA Room darkening curtains, 1 pair 55x98 "

SANELA Room darkening curtains, 1 pair, dark blue, 55x84 "SANELA Room darkening curtains, 1 pair, golden brown, 55x118 "SANELA Room darkening curtains, 1 pair, dark gray, 55x84 "

More optionsSCHOTTIS Black-out pleated blind 39 ¼x74 ¾ "

SCHOTTIS Pleated shade, white, 35 ½x74 ¾ "

More optionsRITVA Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair 57x98 "

RITVA Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair, gray, 57x98 "RITVA Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair, gray, 57x65 "RITVA Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair, white, 57x65 "

More optionsRINGBLOMMA Roman blind 27x63 "

RINGBLOMMA Roman blind, white/green/stripe, 34x63 "RINGBLOMMA Roman blind, white/green/stripe, 48x63 "RINGBLOMMA Roman blind, white, 32x63 "

More optionsMAJGULL Black-out curtains, 1 pair 57x98 "

MAJGULL Black-out curtains, 1 pair, dark turquoise, 57x98 "MAJGULL Black-out curtains, 1 pair, dark turquoise, 57x84 "

More optionsFÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind 34x61 "

FÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind, beige, 23x61 "FÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind, beige, 30x61 "FÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind, beige, 48x61 "
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Sleep all night with a new blackout blind with a secret

Want to sleep well without being disturbed by light from the street or from a sun that gets up before you do? This block-out blind should help. And the secret? That playful circular pattern is only visible from certain angles, giving the blind an extra interesting touch.

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A white IDANÄS bed with LÖNNHÖSTMAL bed linen stands in front of a window with a FÖNSTERBLAD black-out roller blind.
A beige FÖNSTERBLAD black-out roller blind is pulled halfway down in a window. There are some plants below it.
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Window treatments for every room in the house

From window blinds to curtains and drapes, find everything you need to alter the mood and filter or block light—including the curtain rods and rails to hang them on.

Let the light shine and enjoy the design of your living room windows with sheer curtains or light filtering curtains that also afford some privacy. Or change the mood dramatically in your bedroom or den with room darkening curtains or blackout curtains to help you sleep or create the right atmosphere for movie night. You can create a balanced window treatment solution by combining lace curtains with heavier drapes.

You can also choose the clean, modern look of fabric panel curtains for your windows. Panel curtains are also great as room dividers in a studio or a house with an open floor plan. Use them as “doors” for wardrobes or other storage solutions. Choose the pleated look of fabric blinds and shades—including motorized blinds that say “hey, don’t get up” as they operate according to voice command, wireless remote control or a preset timer.

And choose from a diverse set of options for hanging your window blinds, curtains and drapes. Find the right curtain rods, curtain wires or curtain tracks systems to help you dramatically change any room in the house.

Decide how much light comes in without sacrificing privacy or style

From stylish 100% cotton light filtering curtains that have the charming look of elegant table linen to sheer curtains that have the airy feel of lace, there are a lot of options that help you express your style while altering the mood and feel of a room. Choose lighter options in curtains and drapes to enjoy the expression of bay windows or other stunning window designs while enjoying the privacy they afford.

Besides significantly darkening a room while cutting down on glare and preventing anyone from seeing in, room darkening curtains add a warm comforting feel—including options in thick cotton velvet that dampen sound while adding a sense of luxury. While these curtains decrease thermal exchange at your windows, blackout cellular blinds take keeping your home or apartment cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter to another level. And since they’re available in a wide variety of colors and styles, these blackout curtains are ready to light up a room while ensuring you can get some shuteye at any time of day. Close blackout drapes when you want privacy or just want to cut out glare completely. When using a double curtain rod, open thick drapes to let the sun gently filter through lighter curtains.

Frequently asked questions about window treatments?

What kind of window treatments are in style?

With style thankfully being subjective, rest assured that IKEA window treatments are available in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns ready to help you wow from inside and outside of the house. Add the ability to choose different options for hanging shades, blinds and window treatments—along with smart ways to combine them—and expressing your sense of style is easy.

How to best cover my window for privacy?

That depends on how much privacy and natural light you want. While sheer curtains allow you to enjoy the day by letting in lots of light, they can be a bit transparent. From there, light filtering curtains offer more privacy while room darkening and blackout curtains prevent even a slightest hint of a view inside. Match the type of blinds or drapes you want for the level of privacy you wish to achieve. From there, simply make sure the curtain rod or curtain wire extends past the window frame along with the fabric you choose.

How to let light in but keep my privacy?

Choose light filtering or sheer curtains that allow light in while offering privacy. You can also choose stackable panel curtains that filter light. Hang them on a track system and stack them together when you want more privacy. Light will still filter through to create a mood while you enjoy the intimate feel of the room.