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Display & storage cabinets

Priceless memories from that holiday trip, your grandmothers old clock or just a fine piece of ceramic. Most of us collect things that we love to see every day. A storage cabinet is a perfect way to keep our rarities visible, yet away from dust and smudgy fingers.

How to display and organize with glass door cabinets

No matter how much stuff you have, a cabinet with glass doors can help you store and display things in a neat way. With the help of baskets and magazine files, even your office supplies can become a decorative display. Pro tip: group objects together in each “grid” to make it visually calm and look artistic.

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Three HAVSTA storage combinations with glass doors stand in a rustic room with books and decorative items displayed neatly.
Two BILLY bookcases with glass doors filled with tableware against an apricot-coloured wall in a rustic room.
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A new cabinet to slide into your living room

Looking for a fresh way to display your favorite items? The all-new KALKNÄS cabinet highlights anything you place in it (unless you want stuff hidden – that works, too). With its beautifully embossed sliding doors and possibility to easily add integrated lighting, it’s also a looker in its own right.

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Two white KALKNÄS cabinets with sliding doors with baskets and vases behind the glass doors and a plant and vase on top.
A white KALKNÄS cabinet with sliding doors with integrated lighting in the top and a lower door open showing piled plates.
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