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Plant supplies & accessories

Fancy planting some greenery indoors? You don't need a green thumb, just our plant accessories and supplies. Looking for a cute way to display your plant babes? Check out our mini indoor greenhouses and get your creative juices flowing.

Grow your plant supplies collection

There are some things in life for which there is never too much of a good thing—coffee, candles and plants are three of our personal favorites! And just as we collect charming mugs for enjoying our daily brew, it’s only natural to treat our plants to accessories all their own.

Browse our ever-changing selection of plant supplies for the latest and greatest addition to your own collection, or to gift the plant lover in your life.

Add a mini indoor greenhouse to liven up a space

Among our most charming plant supplies are our mini indoor greenhouses. These pretty and petite plant houses bring good looks and good sense, protecting your plants and helping them thrive. Ideal for spaces of any size, you don’t have to give up your gardening dreams because you’re short on square footage.

  • Mini greenhouses provide a safe enclosure for your plants, helping prevent them from getting easily knocked over or damaged
  • Many plants, including seedlings, require a growing environment that we aren’t able to provide year-round in certain climates. Mini indoor greenhouses are designed to keep things bright, warm and humid, giving your plants what they need, no matter the dropping temperatures outside
  • Mini greenhouses are also great for gardening beginners, including young children and teens. Introduce them to the many benefits of growing their own plants, flowers or herbs with a greenhouse all their own to tend to
  • During days or seasons the weather outside is hospitable to your plants, you can easily transport them outdoors for some fresh air and sunshine, greenhouse and all

Just like your favorite plants, our selection of plant accessories is always changing and growing. Be sure to check back and see what’s in bloom next.