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Outdoor lighting

Whether you’re looking for outdoor lighting or some fairy lights to brighten up your garden, you can find the right outdoor lights to match your style, space and budget. Choose a light with a soft, warm glow or something with more of a twinkly shine to make your outdoor space cozy and inviting.

Intimately transform any space after dark with patio lighting

From pendant lights that hang from overhead canopies or umbrellas, to string lights that can dance across walls, there are a variety of options to turn your outdoors into a gleaming wonderland. Combine one to two lighting options to make a small balcony or patio feel even cozier, or go with several easy-to-rearrange choices to reimagine the look of your outdoor space for different occasions.

Find table lamps, lanterns and ground lamps that will allow you to create a moveable feast of soft, dreamy light that compliments any hanging lights. Choose from a wide variety of patio light options and mix and match different outdoor light series to create a unique lighting scenario that’s perfect for your space and budget.

Choose pendant lamps, string lights or lanterns to set the mood

Go with the playful look of pendant or string lights encased in recycled polyester that has the look of paper lanterns. Find string lights that alternate between this look and that of glowing whicker, with color options ranging from white to blue to beige. You can even put glowing dragonflies in flight on your patio or balcony with another stellar option in outdoor string lights.

For globe-shaped hanging pendant lamps, you can choose options that are all white, blue, or red, or you can go with half white and either half blue or red. There’s even a red floral pattern option that can compliment the radiant red geraniums or roses in your garden. Or choose an elegant diamond shaped white pendant lamp.

Find half globe or globe table lamps to add a simple yet futuristic design option to any table. The same goes with mesh galvanized steel table lamps that place swaths of dotted light on its surroundings like a nightlight for adults. You can recall the great outdoors with LED solar-powered table lamps whose design gives a nod to classic camping lanterns. Or go with the classic, industrial look of pendant and string lights. Add to the intimacy with the soft, safe glow of LED candles.

These options in outdoor lighting are easy to use because no plugs or chords are needed. This makes it even easier to adjust and rearrange your outdoor lighting setup.

Light up your backyard with eco-friendly outdoor lighting

Feeling good about brightening up your outdoor space is a breeze when you’re taking advantage of sustainability-driven options. Save energy with outdoor lighting that uses long-lasting energy efficient LED bulbs. Go for maximum energy efficiency with solar-powered LED light bulb pendant lamps, string lights, table lamps and ground lamps. Some available solar-powered outdoor lights even turn on automatically once it gets dark if you leave them switched on. No need to switch them off if you’d like—these smart lights only shine once the sun goes down.

These solar-powered lights recharge within 9-12 hours on sunny days, but can take over 12 hours on cloudy days. Besides making sure solar panels are exposed to light during the day, remove any dust, dirt or pollen from the solar panels regularly for maximum performance. Be sure to replace rechargeable batteries with the same type and capacity. All lighting fixtures and encasements can be kept looking great by wiping them clean with a damp cloth before drying with a dry cloth.