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Sofa modules

Create the perfect seating area with our modular sofa sections. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, there's lots of creative freedom to build your dream sofa. Each section is like a building block, so dream big or small, in leather or fabric, in corners, on walls — however you like!

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More variantsSÖDERHAMN Corner section

SÖDERHAMN Corner section, Fridtuna light beigeSÖDERHAMN Corner section, Tonerud graySÖDERHAMN Corner section, Fridtuna dark gray

More variantsFINNALA Chaise section

FINNALA Chaise section, Gunnared beigeFINNALA Chaise section, Tallmyra beigeFINNALA Chaise section, Orrsta black-blue

More variantsKIVIK Corner section

KIVIK Corner section, Tresund light beigeKIVIK Corner section, Tresund anthraciteKIVIK Corner section, Hillared anthracite

More variantsJÄTTEBO 1.5-seat module with storage

JÄTTEBO 1.5-seat module with storage, Samsala gray/beigeJÄTTEBO 1.5-seat module with storage, Tonerud gray

More variantsFINNALA Corner section

FINNALA Corner section, Gunnared beigeFINNALA Corner section, Tallmyra beigeFINNALA Corner section, Orrsta black-blue

More variantsFINNALA Loveseat section

FINNALA Loveseat section, Tallmyra beigeFINNALA Loveseat section, Gunnared beigeFINNALA Loveseat section, Orrsta black-blue

More variantsSÖDERHAMN 1-seat section

SÖDERHAMN 1-seat section, Fridtuna light beigeSÖDERHAMN 1-seat section, Gransel naturalSÖDERHAMN 1-seat section, Fridtuna dark gray

More variantsÄPPLARYD Chaise section

ÄPPLARYD Chaise section, Djuparp dark blueÄPPLARYD Chaise section, Djuparp red-brownÄPPLARYD Chaise section, Lejde light gray

More variantsMORABO Chaise, add-on unit

MORABO Chaise, add-on unit, Gunnared dark gray/metalMORABO Chaise, add-on unit, Gunnared light green/woodMORABO Chaise, add-on unit, Gunnared light green/metal

More variantsFINNALA Sofa section

FINNALA Sofa section, Tallmyra beigeFINNALA Sofa section, Orrsta black-blueFINNALA Sofa section, Tallmyra black/gray

More variantsFINNALA 1-seat section

FINNALA 1-seat section, Tallmyra beigeFINNALA 1-seat section, Gunnared beigeFINNALA 1-seat section, Tallmyra black/gray

More variantsSÖDERHAMN Chaise

SÖDERHAMN Chaise, Fridtuna light beigeSÖDERHAMN Chaise, Gransel naturalSÖDERHAMN Chaise, Tonerud gray

More variantsJÄTTEBO Chaise module, right

JÄTTEBO Chaise module, right, with armrest/Samsala gray/beige

More variantsJÄTTEBO Chaise modules

JÄTTEBO Chaise modules, Tonerud grayJÄTTEBO Chaise modules, Samsala dark yellow-green

More variantsHÄRLANDA Sofa section

HÄRLANDA Sofa section, Sporda naturalHÄRLANDA Sofa section, Ljungen medium grayHÄRLANDA Sofa section, Ljungen light green

More variantsFINNALA Frame for loveseat sleeper section

FINNALA Frame for loveseat sleeper section, Grann/Bomstad golden brown

More variantsFINNALA Armrest

FINNALA Armrest, Gunnared beigeFINNALA Armrest, Tallmyra beigeFINNALA Armrest, Orrsta black-blue

More variantsFINNALA Loveseat sleeper section

FINNALA Loveseat sleeper section, Grann/Bomstad golden brown

More variantsHÄRLANDA Chaise section

HÄRLANDA Chaise section, Sporda dark grayHÄRLANDA Chaise section, Ljungen light greenHÄRLANDA Chaise section, Ljungen light red

More variantsFINNALA Loveseat sleeper section

FINNALA Loveseat sleeper section, Tallmyra beigeFINNALA Loveseat sleeper section, Gunnared beigeFINNALA Loveseat sleeper section, Tallmyra black/gray

More variantsHÄRLANDA Sleeper sofa

HÄRLANDA Sleeper sofa, Ljungen medium grayHÄRLANDA Sleeper sofa, Ljungen light greenHÄRLANDA Sleeper sofa, Ljungen light red

More variantsHÄRLANDA 1-seat section

HÄRLANDA 1-seat section, Sporda naturalHÄRLANDA 1-seat section, Ljungen medium grayHÄRLANDA 1-seat section, Sporda dark gray

More variantsHÄRLANDA Loveseat section

HÄRLANDA Loveseat section, Sporda naturalHÄRLANDA Loveseat section, Sporda dark grayHÄRLANDA Loveseat section, Ljungen medium gray
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