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Bathroom accessories

Real beauty goes beyond looks, just like our bathroom accessories do. They not only come in different styles but also offer clever functions. Like a bathroom accessories set of bamboo boxes that stack – and have storage in their lids. Check out our selection and give your bathroom a mini makeover. 

Everyday elegance

The simple and clean design of the STORAVAN 3-piece bathroom set, makes for perfect makeover material if you feel like a quick bathroom update.

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A white soap dispenser, tray and toothbrush holder of the STORAVAN bathroom set beside a mirror.
A white STORAVAN bathroom set with two white toothbrushes in the holder and a wet block of white soap in the tray.
See all bathroom accessories sets

Discover some of our most popular series

SVARTSJÖN series – An homage to traditional Swedish handicraft
KUGGIS series – Stackable boxes to keep all those little things organized
TISKEN series – Practical accessories with tight-grip suction cups

Bathroom decor and organization 

Decorating a bathroom is all about the details. Most things in your bathroom, like your tiles, fixtures, and utilities, are not replaced without considerable effort or cost. But with smartly selected bathroom accessories, you can get that fresh new bathroom feel – quickly and on a budget.  

And even better – with a few different sets of accessories, you can easily update your design whenever you feel like it. When September rolls around, break out the fall colors for a cozy mood. Match accessories, colors, and decorations during holidays to maintain a cohesive, festive feeling in your home.  

With some style, creativity, and beautiful bathroom accessories from IKEA, you can create a lovely look in your home.  

Bathroom accessories and accessory sets

With a bathroom accessories set, you’re already all set. It’s the quick and easy way to give your bathroom an organized, uniform look. No more searching high and low for a soap dispenser that matches your toothbrush holder – it’s all in the same package.   

If you’re looking for a bold, high contrast design, we have sets with fierce colors that really pop. Accessories in natural materials and textures like rattan or wood will give your bathroom a softer look. And if you’re into minimalistic design, we have whole sets in calm colors and clean finishes.  

Just choose the materials, styles, colors and functions you like, put it in your basket and place it in your bathroom. You’ll undoubtedly find a set that fits your needs in our wide range.  

Stylish storage or classy convenience in your bathroom accessories

It’s easy to just focus on the look of bathroom accessories – especially since we have so many pretty options! But your choice of accessories should also help make your bathroom more convenient and useful. Because with a disorganized and untidy bathroom, your beautiful decorations risk getting lost in the clutter.

You can quickly get organized by sorting your makeup, creams, and hair products in stylish baskets. Hang your towels on rails and hooks, and get your bathroom supplies out of sight with a linen cabinet. The right bathroom accessories will help you find what you need and add to your interior design.

If you need a lot of extra storage space, check out our bathroom furniture with storage solutions.