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Curtains & drapes

A new way to glide from light to dark

When you want to shut out daylight or need privacy, sweep these new room darkening curtains across your window to transform your space with a comfortable darkness. Their earthy green tone brings nature’s calming feel indoors too, so the great outdoors isn’t totally forgotten.

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A dark green VILBORG room darkening curtain halfway across a bedroom window with a bed and floor/reading lamp in front of it.
See all room darkening curtains & drapes

Everything you need to know about curtains

Find the fun, flair and functionality of new fashionable curtains from IKEA. Maybe you want to block the morning sun for late Sunday sleep-ins. Or maybe you need a simple and stylish way to separate a room. Either way, you’ll discover the drapery to fit your desires right here. 

When you've found the right window treatment, make sure to complement them with matching curtain rods and rails.

How to pick the right curtains for every room

Choosing curtains or drapes for your bedroom, living room or kitchen can be challenging. To make it easier, your first considerations should be practical. Note which direction the room faces, consider what the room is used for, and plan accordingly. Here are a few tips. 

Bedroom curtains

If your bedroom faces east, it'll be exposed to the glorious rays of the morning sun. If it faces west, it will stay bright until late in the evening. Consider thick, blackout curtains for your bedroom that will help prevent the light from disturbing your sleep. 

A decoration tip is to install roller blinds behind your curtains, in a complementary color. This adds an extra element of depth to the room.

Living room curtains

If you have a west-facing living room, and your TV faces your windows, the setting sun’s glare could ruin your latest boxset. Room darkening curtains will help keep the light out when you want to lose yourself in a new film. 

If sun glare hitting your TV is not an issue, you might want to choose some bright sheer curtains that glow radiant in the daylight. We also offer beautiful, patterned curtains that go well with any living room décor style. 

Kitchen curtains

Venetian blinds are a good idea for dressing up kitchen windows. This because they can easily be wiped down if soapy water manages to escape the sink while you’re doing the dishes. Venetian blinds can also be complemented by a stylish window valance.

Bathroom curtains

For bathrooms, privacy is primary consideration. Choose bathroom curtains that cover the entire window, but still let daylight through. We offer a wide variety of bathroom window treatments to suit designs, sizes and layouts of all kinds.

How to hang long curtains

Long curtains can be installed in several ways. Hang them right next to the window to create a nice textile frame around your view outside. Place them a bit higher and wider than the window, and you can create the illusion of a larger room. IKEA’s curtain collection includes a host of long flowing drapes in different colors and shades to create a dynamic atmosphere.  

How to use curtains as room dividers

With a nice thick curtain, you can create the feeling of two unique and private spaces in the same room. This is a great option for making a small home office space in the living room, or giving children some private play space anywhere in your home.

To use a long curtain as a room divider, you need to place a rod or rail in the ceiling. Locate it in the middle of the room, or wherever you want the wall of curtains to be placed. Then simply hang the curtains, and voila!

Frequently asked questions about curtains

What type of curtain is best for the living room?

Choose living room curtains based on their function and the type of style you’d like to express. Select from sheer curtains that let in most light to semi-sheer window curtains that softly filter light while providing privacy. While you can solely go with heavier curtains, there’s also the option to pair room darkening curtains or blackout drapes with lighter panel curtains or drapes.

Should curtains match the sofa or the carpet?

Just as curtains thankfully don’t have to match your hardwood floors, having contrast between the color and look of your furniture, carpeting and drapes can make for a more striking and balanced sense of style in any room. Contrasting elements create stunning focal points while still complimenting other furniture and fabrics in their own unique way. Meanwhile, you can also match the look and feel of your carpet or sofa with your window curtains. For instance, white sheer curtains can complement white carpets and light fabrics like lace on white sofas.

Which curtain fabric do I need?

That depends on the look you’d like to achieve and the amount of light you’d like to filter. Whether lighter or heavier curtains or drapes, you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, including 100% cotton light filtering drapes whose curves have the elegance of a ballroom dress. There are modern panel curtains in alluring colors made with an 80/20 blend of paper and polyester that offer a stunning aesthetic while cutting down on glare and affording privacy. There are lacy, affordable sheer curtains and blackout curtains made of durable, easy-to-clean polyester.