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Home safety locks, latches & more

From child safety locks and latches to corner bumpers and safety plugs for outlets, IKEA offers affordable, reliable home safety solutions to keep your family safe. The average home presents a number of potential hazards, particularly if you have babies or young children. From sharp table corners to dangerous cleaning chemicals, there’s a lot to cover and secure. Stock up on child proof latches for cabinets, drawer safety locks, mats, monitors and more…for less!

The baby monitor that fits in your pocket

You can put the parent unit of this rechargeable baby monitor in your pocket or hang it on your belt, so you can move around your home and still monitor your baby.

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An UNDVIKA baby monitor’s parent unit hanging from its rubber loop on a kitchen rail hook, together with other baby items.
An UNDVIKA baby monitor unit with the parent unit sitting in the baby unit near a fruit, a cloth and a baby’s bottle.
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Must-have home safety solutions 

The home safety essentials needed to make your home safer and more secure can vary depending on a number of factors, with the biggest being whether there are kids or pets in the home. Assuming you do have to child-proof, these are a few must-haves for every home…

Child safety locks and padlocks

There are two main types of locks that most people are talking about when they say child safety locks. The first is child proof latches that can be used to prevent children from opening cabinets and dressers—these are also known as drawer safety locks. The other type is the classic padlock, which we also offer at IKEA. 

Corner bumpers for tables and stands

Whether your baby is just learning to crawl or toddling around at record speed, sharp corners on tables and entertainment stands present a head-bump hazard. Plan ahead for the inevitable and prepare with easy-to-apply plastic corner bumpers.

Safety plugs for outlets

Many outlets are at eye-level for babies and toddlers, making them a potential hazard as soon as your little one is old enough to crawl. Keep prying fingers safe by covering every open outlet with an easy-to-use cover. Ours are available in convenient multipacks and are easy to remove by adults when an outlet is needed.