Buying Guides

Buying guides help you to plan, buy and build our most popular furniture systems.

Bathroom buying guides

A white bathroom with a gray sink cabinet with the drawers open, displaying bathroom supplies

Bedroom buying guides

A green wall with a natural wood bed frame and white bedlinen

Children's IKEA

A children's room with stuffed animals and a bunk bed with a canopy

Home Electronics & Lighting Buying Guides

A white lamp with smart charging functionality charging a phone

Home Organization Buying Guides

A SKADIS pegboard with gaming equipment attached with bungee cords

Kitchen & Dining Buying Guides

A gray kitchen wall with many shelves in stainless steel and wood, holding pots, pans, knives, and bowls

Living Room Seating Buying Guides

A beige sofa sectional with a chaise lounge in a living room with white curtains and tan walls

Living Room Storage Buying Guides

A blue dining room with a natural wood storage cabinet with plates, cups, and bowls inside

Office Furniture Buying Guides

An office with white chairs, a white sit/stand desk, and a red and white striped rug

Outdoor Buying Guides

An outdoor patio with a gray overhead canopy, gray and natural outdoor sofas and chairs, and pink and orange cushions

Textiles Buying Guides

A bedroom with gray curtains, beige and white bedlinen, and matching pillows