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Baby textiles

For our baby textiles, we only use soft and natural materials that are completely free from any chemical substance or other dangerous components. We care about your little one's safety so you can rest assured that your baby has the best quality bedding, towels, and more.

Bed linen for nature lovers

Covered in images of the forest and animals that live there, our new baby bed linen brings a visual feast of nature to bedtime. Our soft cotton always comes from sustainable sources and is free from any harmful substances, helping protect your baby’s skin – and the environment too.

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A crib bed with one side removed covered in TROLLDOM bed linen with a green sheet. The duvet and pillow are in disarray.
A children’s stool holding piled folded duvets and a pillow covered in green TROLLDOM bed linen and a KLAPPA soft toy ball.
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New bed linen for your little one to snuggle up in

With sweet dog motifs, this new baby bed linen made from more sustainable cotton is guaranteed to bring smiles all round. Finish the look with coordinating textiles to give your baby’s bedroom a cute refresh they’ll totally fall for.

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A chair holding different DRÖMSLOTT textiles including beige bed linen for cot and a blanket, in front of a SUNDVIK wardrobe.
A folded puppy/dot multicolour DRÖMSLOTT blanket on top of a grey soft toy and a green/stripe BERGPALM bed linen set.
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Baby soft blankets and washcloths

Sometimes, a cozy blanket or absorbent wash cloth is exactly what your baby’s sensitive skin needs. And, like all IKEA children’s textiles, they’re tested so you can be sure they don’t contain any harmful substances.

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A woman holding a baby wrapped in a yellow blanket.
A woman in a grey jumper with a grey LEN muslin square with dotted moon pattern draped over her shoulder, holding a baby.
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