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IKEA food & restaurant

IKEA offers a range of food products inspired by Swedish traditions—perfect for curious taste buds! You’ll find classics like meatballs, and salmon prepared in all sorts of ways. There are drinks and treats too. And, we’ve made everything more sustainable, so it’s simply good food you can trust.

Good food, in every way

At IKEA we believe healthy, planet-friendly and tasty foods should be easily available for everyone. Our ASC certified SJÖRAPPORT salmon, HUVUDROLL plant balls and BÄSTISAR grains are just a few that will make your body and mind as happy as the planet.

A cooked IKEA plantball on the end of an upright silver fork, against a green and white, check pattern background.

Compared to that of a meatball, the climate footprint of an IKEA plant ball is only 4%.

IKEA Restaurant

Select stores have opened with new, enhanced safety food handling procedures in the IKEA Bistro and Restaurant. The Swedish Food Market will also be open for food purchases, but takeout only. Visit your local store page for more information. Please visit the Bistro for takeaway only food service including some of your favorites: Swedish meatballs, Veggie balls and some new dishes! You can also purchase your favorite IKEA food items in our Swedish Food Market and you can recreate your favorite meals at home!

Popular menu items

Swedish meatball plate - $6.99

Swedish heritage never tasted better

Want a treat you can feel good about? The BELÖNING chocolate bars are all UTZ-certified, which means sustainable farming and fair conditions for workers. Why not try the creamy milk chocolate blended with lingonberry pieces, which is a celebration of our Swedish roots. So yummy!

See all snacks & sweets
See all snacks & sweets

EGENTID tea – different flavors of time out

A cup of delicious EGENTID tea is a great way to grab a moment on your own, or to catch up with friends. It’s also UTZ certified to help improve producers’ conditions.

See all beverages
See all beverages

IKEA bistro

IKEA Bistros are open in the select stores that are now re-open from 12pm-7pm. There may be exceptions due to unexpected closures, remodels, technical issues, etc.

Bistro hours

IKEA Bistros are open during regular store hours. There may be exceptions due to unexpected closures, remodels, technical issues, etc.

Grab a snack

Join us for some yummy foods at the Bistro next time you visit! Find your local store for hours, location and more details.

Find your local IKEA store

Cinnamon bun - $1

Hot dog - $1

Frozen yogurt - $1

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