Clothes organizers

Want to conquer your clothes storage? Divide it. With our trays, compartments, boxes and hanging organizers, you can sort everything from socks to scarves. Our clothes storage ideas help you maximize your wardrobe or drawers, so you can spend time playing hide and seek with people, not shirts. 

You might know exactly what you want to wear. You want to mix and match your outfit with style, and you know exactly which items in your wardrobe would do the trick. But there’s a catch. What if you can’t find what you want to wear, when you want to wear it? Keeping your clothes and accessories organized is crucial for everyday convenience, stress-free mornings and flawless wardrobe control.

With IKEA:s clever clothes storage ideas you can keep your wardrobe organized. In your wide selection you can find storage cases, boxes with or without lids, multi-use hangers, baskets, drawer organizers and all sorts of storage solutions. Getting organized means less time digging for lost treasure in your wardrobe, and more time optimizing your outfit. 

Different clothes storage solutions for different needs

With the right hanger, box or basket – any unused space in your home can be used for clothes storage. Make use of the empty space beneath your bed by adding baskets filled with clean PJs. Upgrade your walk-in closet with clothes storage racks or by using lidded storage boxes to keep your treasured, but rarely used garments. Improve your drawers with dividers to separate your socks from your undies.

Whichever storage needs you have, and whatever space you have to work with, you’ll find a storage solution to help you organise your belongings the way you want.

We have hanging clothes storage, flat boxes, colorful and playful square boxes, boxes with compartments, dividers to create compartments in your existing storage and many other options. Our clothes storage options also come in different materials, colors, and styles so that you can choose not only the function – but also the look of your wardrobe.

Don’t forget your shoes

No wardrobe is complete without the right footwear. And no organizing solution is complete without offering a way of organiszng and keeping your shoes neatly stored. Many of our clothes storage options also work well for storing and organizing shoes, for instance many boxes with compartments are a good fit for several pairs of shoes. But we also offer practical hanging solutions to free up some floor space while organizing your shoes in an easy and accessible fashion.