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Plants & planters

Ready, set, grow! Whether you’re a budding gardener or have been flexing your green thumb for decades, our selection of plants and planters is sure to delight. From petite potted succulents to plant stands and watering cans, we have all the plant stuff you need to make your gardening dreams a reality in any size space. 

Bring the outdoors inside

Plants bring instant life to a dull corner or a minimalist room. Enhance your greenery with indoor pot plants in classic styles and simple rustic materials. Using a neutral color palette allows you to mix and match sizes and textures easily, as well as ensuring that your plants always take center stage.

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Houseplants in GRADVIS and SAGOGRYN plant pots sit on a black shelving unit against a curtained window. Light streams in the room.
Outdoor plants sit against a wooden fence in KLARBÄR plant pots of different sizes. Light dances across the foliage.
A spout is pouring water over a small KLARBÄR terracotta pot with a stick that says “pepper”. Another pot says “tomatoes”
A low, round GRADVIS ceramic plant pot in grey with hanging foliage sits on a window sill. Light streams in through the room.
GRADVIS and FÖRENLIG plant pots with lush plants are stacked on wooden shelving. Light streams in from the room behind.
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New artificial flowers that flourish all year long

Even more flower designs mean no waiting for your favorite blooms to be in season. The steel wire stem makes flower arranging easy as you can adjust the flower any way you want. And as they require no watering, supplements or special lighting, it’s no problem if you don’t have green fingers.

See the SMYCKA series
SMYCKA artificial cherry blossom with pink leaves sits in glass vases on a dark pink cylinder in front of a pink wall.
A close up of SMYCKA artificial pink leaves on a background of dark pink walls. Light shines on them.
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Finding a place for plants in your space

When we’re choosing items for our homes, we often focus on practicality first. We need dishes to eat from, furniture to sit on and lamps to turn on in the dark. And while all those things are indeed important, a home isn’t just a collection of things; it’s a living, breathing space. Our wide variety of plants and planters help add literal life to the place you call “home.” 

Not sure where to begin? We have a few tips to make every house a bit of a greenhouse…

  • Think small. If you’re just getting started living the plant life, kicking off your journey with small plants can have a surprisingly big impact. Consider a few small spaces in your home that could benefit from a refresh. Some of our favorite locations are window sills, desks and powder rooms
  • Think big. As much as we love charming small plant stuff, large indoor plants and planters can be just the statement piece a room needs. Unlike oversized furniture, large plants can actually help a small room feel larger. We recommend choosing a less dense plant in this scenario, allowing light and air to move between the leaves
  • Consider the light. Compared to people and pets, plants truly have very few needs. But because they are native to different locations and climates, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how much water or light they need to thrive. No matter the size of plants you choose, be sure to consider how much light the space receives where you plan to keep the plant 

How to plant in pots or planters

Put your most prized plant on a literal pedestal with our stylish plant pots and planters. Most of our plants are already potted, making them easy to transfer into a larger decorative plant pot or a flower box. 

To prepare the plant for planting, remove the plastic pot from the base of the plant by pulling it off or cutting it open. Then, gently tease out the plant roots so they can branch out more easily in their new home. Be sure to choose a planter that provides enough support for your plant while giving it room to grow.

Next, prepare your soil and your pot or planter for its new resident. If you’re using a large planter, place a few stones or pieces of broken terracotta over the drainage hole to help prevent the soil from pouring out. Add a layer of soil along the bottom of the planter and consider adding some compost or plant food to your soil for extra nutrition.

Finally, it’s time to plant. Insert the plant into the pot and surround it with soil. Make sure to leave a gap of about 2.5 cm between the soil and the top of the pot. Water the plant immediately once the plant and soil has been added to help settle any pockets of air in the soil. If needed, add more compost at the top of the pot.