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Whatever you're drinking, we have the glassware, glassware sets and more to suit it. Our glasses, cups, and mugs give you an extensive choice of styles and patterns. And we have other essentials, like straws and ice cube makers, too. Our drinkware and glassware sets will help you set the mood and make every occasion more personal and fun.

Crystalline wine glasses that look and feel like real crystal

These glasses look and feel like traditional crystal. Crystal is beautiful, but fragile. These glasses are made from crystalline, a strong alternative with the clarity, brilliance and fine tone of genuine crystal when you toast, but don’t break as easily. They’re dishwasher safe too.

See the STORSINT series
Open HEJSTA glass doors in anthracite and UTRUSTA shelves in glass with STORSINT red wine glasses and carafe in clear glass.
    A table with STORSINT wine glasses in clear glass, a STORSINT carafe in clear glass, a tea-light and a bowl of fruit.
      See the STORSINT series

      New jar with a dispenser lets you serve refreshing drinks

      Great for cold beverages, or simply clear and cool water. This plastic and rubber jar holds up to four liters and has a robust handle so it’s easy to move about. The metal dispenser makes pouring fast and simple when thirst suddenly hits you.

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      A SOMMARFLOX jar with dispenser in transparent and bright green on a KROKHOLMEN coffee table in beige with IKEA 365+ glasses.
        A person holding an IKEA 365+ glass while pouring juice into it from a SOMMARFLOX jar with dispenser on a KROKHOLMEN coffee table.
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          Drinking glasses for everyday use or partying

          These attractive and durable wine glasses and drinking glasses are perfect for daily use, garden parties or picnics in the park. Made of hard-wearing plastic, they don’t break easily and they’re dishwasher safe. So if you happen to drop one, it’s not the end of the world.

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          KALLSINNIG glasses and a KALLSINNIG wine glass in plastic and an IKEA 365+ carafe in clear glass with stopper in cork.
            A KALLSINNIG glass in transparent plastic standing beside a KALLSINNIG wine glass in transparent plastic lying on napkins.
              See all drinking glasses & glassware sets

              Discover some of our glassware series

              When you set the table, don’t forget the glassware. Glasses, pitchers and carafes for all occasions.

              IKEA 365+ glassware series – Glassware for your everyday table
              SVALKA series – Design and shape for aroma and flavor
              POKAL series – Classic, elegant design
              STORSINT series – Styled glassware for enhanced enjoyment