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IKEA for Business

Top view of four wood color top sit stand desks at various heights with white desk chairs and orange soft seating chairs.

Taking care of business together

If there’s anything you need help with when it comes to furnishing your business premises so you can make your business fly, simply ask! Discuss your ideas with design professionals, check out the online planning tools or visit the IKEA for Business team in the store.

How to contact and buy

Coordinated furniture suitable for business use

All the tables, chairs, storage and more to make your business work.

IDÅSEN series.
IDÅSEN series
GALANT series.
GALANT series
BEKANT system.
BEKANT system
How to set up an ergonomic workspace.

How to set up an ergonomic workspace

Can you feel it? That twitch in your neck, or that pain in your lower back? It might be the way you’re using your workspace. We can’t promise you less hours working, but we can help out with making a body-and-mind-friend­ly office space that’ll cut down on that work fatigue.

See the full ergonomics guide

A light and airy office space

Whatever your type of office, space is an opportunity. Organize your space so that it inspires collaboration. Hidden storage and flexible furniture deliver clarity, comfort and create a climate for success.

Get help with furnishing your rental property

Whether you’re looking for affordable furniture to outfit student dorms or you need to furnish newly-built rental homes, IKEA for business can help. Our friendly co-workers in-store can help you find a functional and hardwearing solution to suit your budget that your tenants will love.

Quick guides to a more sustainable home

Find office furniture designed for every space and size. From our huge selection of standing desks, tables, and office chairs - you can find just the thing to be all set up in no time and sure to fit in any space. Get inspiration and ideas for making your office more pleasant, as well as more efficient. Create a new modern look that breeds innovation to make your workspace just that more productive. With the newest styles and innovations, you can find storage solutions built to declutter your office space. If you're on a time-constraint we can deliver and assemble everything for you, or let you setup and organize everything on your own time.

For Business to consumer spaces we’ve also got you covered. Find everything you need to create a modern or stylist rustic look with matching furniture, chairs, décor and much more. Check out our ideas for café furniture, restaurant furniture, lunch spaces, shops, or just a place for your customers to sit and relax while they wait. We take out all the design guess work and give you ideas and products you can purchase together to create that perfect look, without all the hassle, saving your time and money.