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IKEA for Business

Taking care of business together

If there’s anything you need help with when it comes to furnishing your company so you can make your business fly, simply ask! Discuss your ideas with our furnishing professionals, check out the online planning tools or visit the IKEA for Business team in the store.

Your business, your workspace, your way

Whatever job you’re doing, you can find everything you need under one roof, from the largest furnishings to the smallest details. Get inspired by all the solutions for whatever business you’re in.

See all business furnishing solutions
See all business furnishing solutions

Lots of ways to make your shop pop

Open shelving and storage acts as display areas for the products you sell and add to the look and feel of the space you have.

See all desks for office
See all desks for office

Top furniture system and series suitable for business use

All the tables, chairs, storage and more to make your business work.

IDÅSEN series.
IDÅSEN series
GALANT series.
GALANT series
BEKANT system.
BEKANT system

Café’s, restaurants, lunch rooms, big or small

Small café or elegant restaurant, you can get all the furniture you need to make guests feel as welcome as they are hungry. You can even find smaller details and dinnerware too, all sizes, all looks, all tastes.

See all café furniture
See all café furniture

Keep the look together

This coordinated range is easy to personalize to fit your business, you can choose the colors, and open shelves are perfect for plants and other workspace decoration.

See the BEKANT system
See the BEKANT system