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Throw blankets

Whether draped over your shoulders or adding a stylish touch to the arm of your sofa, our throw blankets may just be the easiest way to add warmth to your home. They add colour, texture, and coziness to any space. Instantly update an old armchair and give a new feeling to a room by throwing one of these blankets down – while expressing your style.

Taking an afternoon nap? Doing some reading? Feeling a bit under the weather? You need a cozy throw to snuggle up underneath.

When temperatures drop, and day turns into evening, a warm blanket is necessary for curling up on your couch in comfort. Luckily, we have a large selection of throws in different colors, sizes and materials. Regardless if you’re looking for a warm and fluffy blanket to fight off the cold, or a modern pattern to match with your sofa cushions and existing décor – we’ve got the throw for you.

Sofa throws

Any sofa is better off when combined with a versatile sofa throw. Aside from being warm during cold evenings, a well-chosen sofa throw can bring color and style to the room as well.

Choose colors and textures after season for an easy makeover of your room. For instance, rustic colors in thick fleece are perfect for a fall afternoon. A lighter hue, and less densely woven fabric, are perfect choices for a warm summer evening.

A good tip is to fold your throws and hang them over the side or backrest of your sofa when not in use. You’ll get a clean and tidy look that also showcases your personal taste.

Bed throws

Add a throw to your bed for an extra layer of warmth and protection. An extra throw made of wool on top of your duvet will keep you warm even on the chilliest night. If you tend to feel cold, remember to choose a densely woven blanket, as those retain warmth at a higher rate.

A bed throw can also work as a bedding protector. If you’re tired of changing your sheets and bedding because they accrue dirt way too quickly, an extra throw could be the solution. An acrylic or cotton-based blanket is easily machine washable and dries in a flash – sparing your duvet and pillows from another change of clothes.

Still feeling cold? If so, have a look at our large selection of comforters. You can choose between plenty of options that’ll keep anyone warm.