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Throw blankets

Whether draped over your shoulders or the arm of your sofa, our snuggly throw blankets may just be the easiest way to bring additional warmth to your home. Add color, texture and coziness in an instant with a simple toss of the blanket. Our throw blankets are available in an array of fabrics and weights to suit every season, from cool spring days to blustery winter nights. 

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Throw blankets for every room in your home

When choosing the right blankets for your space, there are a few simple considerations to keep in mind…

Make sure your bed throw blanket is big enough

While a small blanket laid across your lap on the sofa might be enough, when choosing a throw blanket for the bedroom, you’re going to want something a bit larger. This gives you added warmth on those chilly mornings when you want to become a human burrito, and leaves enough blanket to share if your partner, kiddos or pets want to sneak in for a snuggle as well. 

A sofa throw blanket should reflect your personal style

Sofa throw blankets are often subject to the most wear-and-tear, particularly if you have little ones who use blankets as a napkin while snacking! Consider how often you’ll be washing the throw blankets you choose, and which member of your family will be using each most often. If softness is the most important factor, consider a cozy knit throw blanket in a solid or pretty print. Can never seem to battle the chill completely? One of our warm wool throw blanket styles will be your new couch bestie. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your fabric preferences, be sure to choose colors, prints or patterns that reflect the overall vibe you want in your living space. In addition to getting the most use, sofa throw blankets are also typically seen by the most people as they’re at the center of where most of us relax and entertain. Switching them up regularly makes it easy to adjust to the seasons, or simply freshen up the look of the room you likely spend the most waking time in.