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Kitchen organization & wall storage

When cabinet and drawer space is in short supply – but your cookware and supplies aren’t – kitchen wall storage can help fill the gap. Create your own hanging storage solution with rails, hooks, containers and shelves that make everything easier to grab while also making a style statement.

New wall organizers for wall-friendly shelving

These affordable wall organizers deliver drill-free storage. The concealed suction cups mean no more holes in your walls, and can hold up to 2 lbs of kitchen utensils, spices or jars. Clean design, smooth rounded corners and woodsy grey-green tone create a serene and modern expression. Smart, practical and stylish.

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Grey-green ÖBONÄS wall shelf and container on a tiled wall holding various items above a worktop with a jar holding utensils.
A grey-green ÖBONÄS triple hook fastened to a tiled wall holding a cream and grey beige striped patterned tea towel.
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Handy new clip-on hook rack for kitchen storage

Maximize space by hanging up your kitchen gear. This smart and inexpensive clip-on hook rack is easy to fix to a shelf to create a place for kitchen utensils or tea towels. The hook rack fits shelves between 16mm and 20mm thick and require no drilling. And, you can move the rack around where you like.

Some PÅLYCKE multi-purpose clip-on racks attached to shelving that holds diverse plates, cups, glasses and tea towels.
A PÅLYCKE multi-purpose clip-on rack attached to shelving holding a kitchen paper roll, various plates and cups on the shelf.
A PÅLYCKE clip-on basket attached to a wooden shelf, the basket holds a wooden chopping board and a jar, items on the shelf.
A PÅLYCKE clip-on hook rack attached to a cabinet, holding a white pair of scissors and two grey pot holders.
A PÅLYCKE clip-on basket attached to a white shelf, the basket holds various mugs with other tableware items on the shelves.
A wall with KUNGSFORS wall-storage with glass storage jars, boxes and diverse kitchen utensils beside a closed brown cabinet.

Organize like a pro

Anyone can have a professional kitchen at home. All it takes to unleash your inner chef is a little planning and the right organization.

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More space on your countertops

Keep your cooking and eating essentials stored neatly out of the way with IKEA’s range of kitchen wall storage options. Wall storage including hanging baskets, kitchen racks,  and shelves are great way to step up your kitchen’s décor as well as keep your most important supplies within reach. Get inspired to enhance your kitchen!

Kitchen wall storage

Adding a few shelves or a spice rack to your walls is a great way to save cupboard space while keeping your things readily available. Here are a few tips on how to maximize the wall space in your kitchen.

Decorate with kitchen supplies

Open kitchen shelves offer plenty of storage opportunities, while also allowing you to decorate your kitchen. Keep a few herb pots, add a cup hanger and put an ornately designed tea box on your wall shelf and you’ll double up on both convenience and style. 

Exhibit your cookware

Do you have some particularly nice-looking kitchenware? Why not keep it out in the open! A great way to display your cookware is to add a storage shelf with a rail to your kitchen wall. Complete the set with some S hooks, and you can easily hang your most stylish pots and pans in full view – making them a practical part of your kitchen design. 

Keep your spices handy

Every kitchen needs a well-stocked spice rack. With wall-mounted spice racks, you have a complete overview of your entire stock, making it easy to make split second decisions while cooking. Also, kitchen racks add a dynamic range of color to your kitchen, from the dark reds of powdered paprika to the bright yellow of an aromatic curry blend.

Hanging boxes, baskets and containers

Hanging boxes, baskets and containers make it easy to keep things organized in the kitchen. 

With the right kitchen wall basket, you can keep cooking necessities out of sight and freshly preserved. Hanging kitchen baskets are a great place to keep your most commonly used ingredients such as lemons, onions or garlic. Wall containers and boxes are a great way to neatly store sponges, kitchen towels and brushes for quick dish washing and clean up.