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Bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting helps your routines, whether you are getting ready to go out, taming a stray hair or visiting the toilet at midnight. Modern and traditional style bathroom lights for walls, ceilings, cabinets and around mirrors too, for a glare-free reflection. Tested and approved for bathroom use.

The right lighting for your bathroom

From hygiene to make-up to simply waking up in the morning, proper bathroom lighting makes a big difference. LEDSJÖ LED wall lamps take care of it all, providing a glare-free, even light – and with style that shines in its own right.

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A woman in a robe matching the floral-pattern bathroom walls stands before a NISSEDAL mirror framed by LEDSJÖ LED wall lamps.
    A corner of a bathroom with floral-pattern walls and a wall shelf holding accessories and a TRENSUM stainless-steel mirror.
      See all bathroom wall lights

      Smart, stylish bathroom lighting 

      Take the role of your bathroom light fixtures to the next level by adding options that combine a classic or modern design with smart functions (i.e. dimming) and crisp yet soft illumination from energy efficient LED light bulbs. Choose options in mirror lights, vanity lights, bathroom ceiling lights or wall lights that do more than just clearly show you the way when flossing or applying makeup. After putting your personal stamp on any of your bathrooms, you’ll be giddy to say “Down the hall, second door on the left” at any dinner party you host.  Get ready to enjoy glare free reflections and the stylish radiance of clever bathroom light fixtures that will impress any guest.

      Select the right type of bathroom light fixture for your needs and style      

      Be the fairest of them all with a mirror with lights on the wall

      Enjoy sharp, glare-free illumination with bathroom mirrors with lights whose design efficiency features a light source built into the trim of white circular or rectangular mirrors with curved edges. Also choose from mirror cabinets that blend white particleboard with sleek glass, metal and crisp lighting.

      There’s nothing immodest about stylish bathroom vanity lights

      Choose LED bathroom vanity lights that sit flush atop bathroom cabinets or freely “float” overtop as they extend out slickly covered in chrome or encased in white, powder coated aluminum and plastic. They provide warming, even lighting around your mirror and sink.

      Let light and your style shine down with bathroom ceiling lights

      Select modern bathroom ceiling light fixtures that feature glowing orbs oflight attached directly to or extending downwards from the ceiling cup or shade holder. Go with the timeless look of glass shades paired with anodized aluminum etched with concentric circles (in black, gray or gold) or holders in black that are made with dense polycarbonate plastic. Some options offer the same ambient lighting whether attached to the wall or ceiling. Some of our bathroom ceiling lamps can be turned on/off and dimmed wirelessly with remotes or with a smart phone app.

      Find the perfect balance in bathroom lighting with flexible wall lights

      Ready to be placed above, alongside or below your bathroom mirror is a range of stylish options in bathroom wall lights. Placing a glowing tube of warm white light with a black casing on either side of your bathroom mirror is one option. Or go with a string of orbs in a nickel-plated casing that playfully bejewel your wall. With a light touch of the finger, you can dim or intensify the light source. Other options combine dangling opaque, white glass shades with the classic, industrial look of steel holders and arms that softly drift downwards.

      How to light a small bathroom versus a master bathroom

      The first consideration for any size bathroom is having adequate task light. Direct light from vanity or wall lights is best for grooming or applying makeup, as opposed to overhead light that can cast shadows. From there, bath bars and ceiling lights are great for larger bathrooms. While LED lights cast a diffused light that’s great for illuminating bigger spaces, choose dimmer options for those relaxing bubble baths.