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High chairs

Welcome to the table, baby! High chairs safely seat your baby at meal times. By placing a high chair at the family table – at the same level as everyone else – you also help develop your baby’s eating and social skills. Our range is designed with rounded edges, a safety belt and a wide, stable base.

Time for your baby to join the big leagues! Weaning doesn’t have to be a pain, even though a mess is unavoidable. With a high chair, your baby can explore new tastes and textures in a safe and controlled space. And it might help give you some peace during mealtimes too. 

A highchair can help with the weaning

When babies approach four to six months, it’s usually time to introduce regular food. It usually starts with small bites of mashed vegetables, fruits or purees. But eventually, they will be eating full meals. That process won’t always be a smooth one, but it can be eased by having helpful equipment.

A baby chair will keep your baby completely safe while seated, offering a secure opportunity to explore new foods. Being able to join the family at the table will make the little one happier and can help ease them into the new routine. It’ll also keep your baby at your height, making the feeding process easier for you too.

Great gadgets for high chairs

Apart from the high chair, there are plenty of other accessories that help make mealtime easier. Like some colorful baby plates and bowls, to make trying new foods extra fun. And, since a mess is unavoidable, you need a removable tray that you can easily pop off and wash.

Make sure your little one is as comfortable as possible during cosy mealtimes with a padded seat for highchairs. The supporting cushion will make the seating position more stable, adding extra safety and comfort for your baby.