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Kitchen & cooking accessories

When it comes to whipping up meals - any meal - having the right cooking accessories is key. After all, there are no Sunday morning pancakes without spatulas. No snow day stew without lids and ladles. We've got kitchen accessories in a range of styles and materials to help make cooking a breeze.

New utensils with attitude

Inexpensive kitchen utensils that stand out in the crowd. Perfect for making healthy and delicious salads, veggie dishes and food in general, they’re bright and colorful so you find them easily in the drawer. Clever utensils make preparing food fast, fun and smart – less waste too.

An APTITLIG chopping board in bamboo, three UPPFYLLD paring knives in mixed colours and an UPPFYLLD peeler in bright green.
An open drawer with an UPPDATERA cutlery tray in light bamboo holding an UPPFYLLD pizza cutter in off-white and other items.
An APTITLIG chopping board in bamboo, three UPPFYLLD preparation bowls in mixed colours and a yellow UPPFYLLD paring knife.
An APTITLIG chopping board in bamboo, a GODMIDDAG bowl in white and two UPPFYLLD vegetable slicers, one orange and one green.
A GODMIDDAG bowl in white and an UPPFYLLD handheld grater in off white on a wooden surface with an article of fruit.

Sunny with a chance of barbecue

There’s something about preparing food outside that simply heightens the moment. When the outdoor cooking season is in full swing, GRILLTIDER series brings you all the necessities, ready to serve whenever the forecast is looking up.

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A GRILLTIDER serving basket, serving bowl and barbecue tool set prepared with a hamburger meal on an outdoor worktop.
A GRILLTIDER three-piece, stainless-steel barbecue tools set laid out on a brushed-metal surface.
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Bottle something sweet for later

Many fruits and vegetables are at their peak right now. Take the opportunity to preserve those amazing flavors while you can. Whether it’s lemonade or pickles that tickle your fancy, you’ll have delicious treats whenever you get the urge.

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A kitchen worktop in the middle of a lemonade-making session; lemons, a SPRITTA squeezer, CHOSIGT funnels and KORKEN bottles.
A worktop with halved lemons scattered over IKEA 365+ chopping boards and the yellow top of a SPRITTA citrus squeezer.
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Essential kitchen accessories and cooking utensils

Be prepared to take any request from the kids or to use up extra ingredients in fun, exciting new ways by having all the kitchen accessories and baking utensils on hand that any home chef could need. From food prep, to refining sauces, stirring stews, measuring ingredients and putting a lid on steamy pots, you’ll find all the kitchen tools to make great meals and scrumptious desserts.

Find durable and convenient kitchen items such as mortars and pestles, mandolins, and cheese graters for dinner prep, as well as colanders and strainers to help you drain pasta water and refine sauces. Need to stir things up? Keep the sauce from sticking and the stew from burning with spoons and find all the other utensils you need to flip, turn or grab something from hot pans or the grill—or get them all at once with kitchen utensil sets. And always be ready to cool things down with ice trays and popsicle molds. The IKEA kitchen utensil range is here to help with any move you need to make at your stove or kitchen island.

Call upon the right mixing and measuring tools when it’s time to bake a birthday cake for your little ones or a pie for the holidays. Be exact in your quantities of flour, sugar and milk with durable stainless steel measuring cups and spoons as well as lightweight kitchen scales before using mixing bowls with convenient features to help make baking prep easier.

When you have to put a lid on it or put your sauces in hot water for a few moments, call upon smart cooking accessories that are here to make your life in the kitchen easier. From universal lids to double broiler inserts, steamers and pressure cookers, you’ll find ways to make everyday cooking steps more of a breeze.

Creative cooking starts with simple cooking tools

Here’s a fun example to showcase just how a variety of cooking utensils and kitchen accessories could come into play for just one meal.

Let’s say you’re cooking grilled salmon doused with a bernaise sauce and served with a side of roasted potatoes. To start, you’re going to want to crack some peppercorns in a mortar and pestle to season your salmon along with salt. While the salmon is sitting out and coming up to temperature, you’ll need a peeler and a kitchen knife to get your potatoes ready. Then, for your sauce, you can use measuring spoons or a convenient digital kitchen scale to measure out the right amount of butter. You’ll need a whisk to incorporate all the ingredients before placing in a double broiler atop a pot of heated water to gently cook the sauce. Meanwhile, you can use a barbecue brush to lather your salmon with butter as it cooks on the grill. Splash it with lemon from a convenient squeeze bottle that you quickly filled thanks to a time-saving citrus squeezer.

Use that same squirt bottle to add a bit of citrus to cocktails whose ingredients you measured with graduated measuring beakers or measuring cups. Add some simple syrup that you made without reducing your liquid volume thanks to topping your pot off with a universal lid. Top off the whiskey or gin cocktail of your choice with a lemon or orange peel thanks to your vegetable peeler. 

Frequently asked questions about kitchen and cooking accessories

What are the best utensils for cooking?

The stuff you’ll use every day for a variety of purposes, from pestles and mortars for crushing spices, to measuring cups and spoons for making pancakes or baking to spoons, tongs, spatulas and ladles for cooking and serving. Think about what you like to cook or bake and then consider everyday needs in the kitchen and by the backyard grill.