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Sleeper sofas & sofa beds

Solving two needs at once to save you space and money, our sleeper sofas never rest – they leave that up to you and your guests! IKEA’s collection features a variety of sizes, designs and colors, with traditional and modern couch bed styles to choose from. Many of our sofa beds include built-in storage for bed linens as well, for an even greater space saving solution. Add a sleeper sofa to your living room, guest room or bedroom with sizes to suit all spaces.

A kaleidoscope of color

A bold retro sofa that grabs your attention as soon as you enter the room. Add vibrant textiles, mismatched furniture and artwork to max up the fun factor. Easy to unfold and set up, this statement sofa in orange transforms into a spacious bed at night. Just add colorful and cozy bed linen.

See the NYHAMN series
A vibrant living room with an orange NYHAMN sofa and colorful cushions and rug. A KALLAX shelf acts as a room divider.
A NYHAMN sofa-bed is pulled out under a gallery wall of colorful prints. There is light purple bedding on the bed.
See the NYHAMN series

Sleeper sofas enhance the comfort of any home

IKEA offers sofa beds in an array of styles and sizes to accommodate all budgets, needs and spaces. We’ve found that sleeper sofas are a popular choice amongst a wide variety of folks, including people living in small apartments, parents with young children, grandparents and…well…everyone! 

Let’s unfold what makes them so universally appealing…

Sofa beds make for comfortable nap time, movie nights and overnight guests

Many folks purchase a couch bed so they have extra sleeping space for when family and friends are visiting, but quickly find themselves using it all the time! 

  • Have a hard time getting your little one to settle down for a midday snooze, even though they’ll feel better with some rest? Unfold or pull out the bed of your sleeper sofa for them to get comfortable while reading or watching TV before nap time. Chances are they’ll be struggling to keep their eyes open within minutes!
  • Once your child has grown out of their mid-day naps and is making friends in elementary school, sofa beds are a perfect solution for sleepovers. Even if they do stay up all night playing video games or telling scary stories, they’ll be a lot more comfortable than they would on the floor!
  • For parents of teenagers, sleeper sofas can come in handy for planned or unexpected overnight guests. Sudden snowstorm and your kid’s friend—who just got their license—is visiting? A sofa bed gives them a comfortable place to sleep without risking the roads.

A sofa bed helps maximize space in a studio apartment

While space is a precious commodity in nearly any apartment, the lack of separation for a classic bedroom presents some unique challenges. Many studio apartment dwellers who want to maintain space for plants, pets or simply stretching out find that having both a bed and sofa simply isn’t practical. Luckily, with a sleeper sofa you don’t have to choose between a cramped space, sitting on the bed or sleeping on the couch. You can have your bed, sofa and space with the right multitasking studio sensation!