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Kitchen countertops

Shop IKEA’s extensive selection of pre-cut and custom-size countertops to instantly refresh your kitchen. Choose between durable laminate, solid wood and thick veneer, and elegant quartz kitchen countertops in colors and finishes to suit every home and style. Our counter for kitchen collection includes solid slabs in standard sizes and countertops sold by square feet.

We offer a wide color selection of custom made quartz kitchen countertops. These kitchen countertops can be customized to fit your specific kitchen layout, and can only be ordered in-store.
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Good thing it’s timeless since it’ll last for over 25 years

Introducing the new HOLMARED countertop in durable bamboo veneer. Its unique grain pattern adds warmth and vibrancy and fits in modern as well as more traditional-style kitchens. We are so confident in the quality that we offer a free 25-year limited warranty.

A kitchen with NICKEBO fronts in matt anthracite, a splashback with marble effect and a HOLMARED worktop in bamboo/veneer.
A kitchen with a HOLMARED countertop in bamboo/veneer and splashback in marble effect. There is a red onion on a GLADELIG plate.

A great work surface for amazing meals

The countertop is both a hardworking part of your kitchen and a true design statement. That’s why all our kitchen countertops are stylish, durable and easy to clean. Tested to handle years of use, they come in different materials and colors to match your kitchen, either ready-made or customized for a perfect fit.

A black plate containing a stir-fry and noodles with chopsticks balanced on top is standing on a SKOGSÅ countertop.
Vegetables and fruit in a bamboo/white RUNDLIG serving bowl placed on an EKBACKEN countertop, plus hanging net bags.

Affordable counter tops for a beautiful kitchen on a budget

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home for good reason, serving as a gathering place for everything from daily rituals to big celebrations. It is a warm and welcoming place to pour your love and ambition into delicious dinners and tasty treats, with family and friends regularly gathering around the kitchen table for cake and conversation.

In a space this busy, hard working surfaces like countertops for kitchen can take a beating. Even when treated carefully and properly maintained, counter tops are often the first to show signs of age and heavy use—often long before kitchen cabinets of the same age. 

This makes the choice of kitchen countertops especially important. With the countertop being a focal point of the room, consider its texture, look and feel in addition to its durability. Do you crave the clean, crisp look of quartz, or the traditional warmth of wood? You’ll find both—and more—at IKEA!

Choosing a counter for kitchen

The kitchen countertop is often used as both a storage and working area, making it important to consider practical aspects of your material choice and finished layout. All surfaces have their pros and cons; it simply comes down to what matters most to you.

Some counter tops considerations to make include…

  • Do you need a heat-resistant countertop capable of handling hot pots and pans? While we always recommend using heat protectors with any surface, quartz countertops are less likely to suffer damage than wood
  • Is this a counter for kitchen that gets heavy use from kids and adults alike? Consider one of our attractive and durable butcher block countertops
  • Do you want to be able to quickly wipe your counter top clean at the end of a long day, with as little hassle and maintenance as possible? Easy-care laminate countertops make kitchen clean-up one of the simplest to-dos on your list

Want to look and feel your countertop options before making a commitment? If you’re shopping for countertops near me, see where the closest IKEA to you is located!