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With the gateway it's easy for anyone to use smart products. With the TRÅDFRI gateway you can connect your smart IKEA products such as blinds, light bulbs, and speakers and control them with the IKEA Home smart app through a phone or tablet.

Article Number003.378.13

Product details

With TRÅDFRI gateway and app you can control each light source individually, create different types of lighting settings - and control them by remote control or the app. You can turn off, turn on, dim, choose colors and change from warm to cold light.

You can use TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app to create several groups of light sources and control them in different ways.

TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Sonos.

For best performance we recommend to maximum connect 50 devices to your TRÅDFRI gateway.

We continuously update the IKEA Home smart app with more functions and possibilities.

To use the gateway you need an internet connection.

Use the included ethernet cable to connect the gateway to your router.

You need one of the steering devices in the TRÅDFRI series (remote control, wireless dimmer or wireless motion sensor) in order to connect your light sources with the gateway and the app.

Hidden cable management for ethernet and power cables.

Standby power consumption: 0.63W.

IKEA Home smart app works with Android (at least KitKat 4.4 or Lollipop 5.0) and iOS (at least iOS 9).

The TRÅDFRI gateway enables you to use the IKEA Home smart app.

Download the IKEA Home smart app for free via Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you have.


IKEA of Sweden

Article Number003.378.13


Height: 1 3/4 "

Diameter: 4 3/8 "

Cord length: 71 "

    GatewayArticle Number003.378.13

    Width: 6 ¼ "

    Height: 2 ¾ "

    Length: 7 ½ "

    Weight: 14 oz

    Package(s): 1


Works well after a difficult setup.MichaelIt is used to automate scheduled open and closing of a Fytur motorized blind. After a lengthy and troublesome setup it works well.4
Works great and is fun!Andrew A.I read all the reviews about this product and was unsure about buying it; however, IKEA has such an excellent return policy I thought I would give it a shot. I use it with lighting in a dining room cabinet with a single driver and dimmable switch and my kitchen lighting with two drivers and a dimmable switch. It could not have been easier to set up just following the step-by-step instructions within the Home Smart app. I can't wait to buy more lighting and blinds to control my house's scenes! I love it and would highly recommend it!5
Very good productEduardoGood quality and functionality5
This gateway worked greatCarlosNo issues. Works as advertised. Only thing is, it has to be plugged into a hard wired network cable 24/7. It is not Wi-Fi.5
First one arrived DOA. SinceBILLFirst one arrived DOA. Since I live five hours from nearest IKEA, and I purchased it from one 10 hours away, I took a few calls and a couple of weeks to get it swapped. Once I got a good unit, it took a little time to set up as the remote Hass to be paired with the gateway, re-paired with the repeater and blinds themselves, and I had to do this for two sets. It’s struggle to connect to the second set. Once it was connected it works flawlessly! Have patience you will be rewarded!4
PatienceDan C.Setting up the software app is a PIA, but with some patience and common sense anyone can do it. Once setup and installed, it works flawlessly. I'm happy with purchase. I simply say "Hey Google"4
do not buy. i needHENRYdo not buy. i need to return the item.1
Growing pains but excellent nowScot T.I’ve had the gateway and a bunch of accessories for awhile now. After seeing some of the poor reviews I thought I should add my own experience. At first there were growing pains with Homekit connectivity but it works super well now. Ikea items are the most solid items in my collection of home automation products. I’m pretty happy. Probably the biggest learning curve is adding new items but the application now guides you through that to where it isn’t much of an issue any more. I like the outlets, the blinds, the pricing, the stability. Motion sensors work great. Also like the selection of light sizes.5
LIGHT BULBS STILL OUT OF STOCKDAVIDI’m working on converting my lighting system into smart bulbs, I went to IKEA over a month ago to begin the process. At the time I bought this piece and the light bulb that came with the remote. They were out of the compatible individual light bulbs, I have been waiting for them to come back in stock so I can set everything up, but there still isn’t any available. I am going to return everything as I’ve moved forward with another brand that has items available. Don’t purchase, you’ll be waiting for who knows how long until you can fully set up everything.1
It works, sometimesJacquelynI have had to reset it 3x and it will not connect with my HomeKit.2
Works perfectly!DeannaWorks perfectly!5
Inexpensive smart home controllerTemoWorks with some Apple Homekit scenes which can be triggered with simple wall switch controls Siri & others5
Seems to work okay.MICHAELI'm only using this for blinds at the moment, but it seems to work pretty well. I took off a star because the sticker with all the info is on the back, which is designed to be hung/stuck to the wall. So it's hidden without taken the device down. Would have been better on the inside of the cover, which you ahve to open anyhow to initially set the device etc.4
Easy to set up and brings HomeKitJOSHUAI used this to bring HomeKit comparability to the smart blinds and it was easy to set up and just worked.5
Very niceWilliamVery nice5
Works like a charm!CARMENFantastic product! It works like a charm with my Smart home assistant. So far so good, I have not had any issues with it. The app was simple to navigate. I recommend this.5
It never work , INedaIt never work , I tried server method to setup the device .it is completly useless and waste of time. Now a day this kind of technology is plug and play and much cheaper1
Best solution I have seen for home automationJohannyThere are many solutions for home automation in the market, but TRÅDFRI is the best in my opinion for these reasons. 1- Works; 2- Affordable; 3- Secure as no need to integrate with another hub or voice assistant; 4- If using voice assistant (Alexa/Siri that I have tried) works perfectly. 5- backed by IKEA standards; 6- product lasts as IKEA's product life is longer than others.5
Great productReneEasy to connect and pair with other devices.5
Complete garbageJasonPoor connectivity with "Home smart" (Ikea) app Zero connectivity with "Home" app (apple) app1
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white

IKEA Home smart

What defines a smart product? The possibility to connect it to the Internet? That it’s wireless? To us, it’s a product that makes the everyday easier.

Most people who want to make their home smarter, start with the lighting. When you add the TRÅDFRI gateway, you can make it even smarter. Together with connected lamps you can set different scenes and timers – so you always wake up with a soft, gentle light in the mornings and can call ‘lights out’ when it’s bedtime. “You can connect many different product types to the TRÅDFRI gateway. All to make your life at home more convenient, in more than one way,” says Rebecca Töreman who works with connected products at IKEA.

Improving life at home

Smart lighting is one way we’re using technology to improve life at home. Imagine a cozy weekday family dinner, lights glowing soft and warm. When the meal is done, the table is cleared for homework, which calls for clean, bright light. The goal of Rebecca and the Smart lighting team is to make that transition simple and smooth. Literally, it can be at the touch of a button. “Lighting is such an important part of life at home,” says Rebecca. “You do so many activities every day at home and the light needs to support you in doing all these things.” The range is made up of products that can be combined to create a personalized home lighting solution. It includes LED bulbs, panels and cabinet doors that can all be controlled by a remote. You can dim them and even change the tone of the light, from warm to cold. One remote can control up to 10 Smart lighting products.

Making home tech affordable

Smart lighting technology isn’t new, but so far it hasn’t been so accessible. “It’s been very expensive and complicated,” says Rebecca. “If we can develop Smart lighting that’s easy to understand and affordable, it actually becomes accessible to the many people.” When it comes to cost, Rebecca and her team set a personal goal. “What would we want to pay for a light bulb like this?” asks Rebecca. “We’ve been going back to this idea throughout the whole process.” Working with large volumes has helped lower costs and by collaborating with experienced tech suppliers, we’ve been able to find smart ways to save. Those savings are then passed on to the customer.

User friendly and convenient

By offering “kits” that have everything you need to get started, we make it easier to have Smart lighting in your home and if you end up wanting to expand your solution, it’s simple. “You can start with the function that suits you and your family’s life, and you can build on that,” says Rebecca. You can look forward to even more Smart lighting products from IKEA in the future. “There will be upgrades and new things customers can do to improve and build on the system,” says Rebecca, who sees a fuss-free future where very little can interrupt a lazy afternoon. “If you sit on your sofa and want to turn on the light, but the light switch is over on the wall, well, obviously with the wireless remote you don’t actually have to get up!”

If it’s simple to use, it’s smart

With the help of the TRÅDFRI gateway, IKEA connected products can be steered through the IKEA Home smart app or a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Say ‘dinner time’ to dim the lights and play your favorite music in the background. Or flood the room with light so no spot or crumb can hide when it’s time to clean up. “We’re using a standard technology and adapting it to peoples’ needs as home furnishing specialists, not tech specialists. We want our connected products to be easy to use – you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to make them work,” says Rebecca.

More connected products are coming

From being toys mostly for people interested in new gadgets, connected products have become useful instruments to tackle common everyday inconveniences. It has inspired Rebecca and her colleagues to explore more ways to make the home more comfortable. Blinds that automatically open while you’re still in bed is one example. “We’re continuously adding new products that work with TRÅDFRI gateway and the IKEA Home smart app. You can update your home with new functions and make it as smart as you want, in the pace you prefer.”

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Function solution

From smart lighting to smart home

To us, a smart product is something that makes the everyday easier. With TRÅDFRI gateway and connected products, you can set different scenes and timers at home. So the lights turn on and your blinds open in the morning while you’re still in bed. Or not, if you decide to sleep in. You can steer everything through the IKEA Home smart app on your phone or tablet. Or a voice assistant if you prefer that. All to make your life at home more convenient, in more than one way.