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STOCKARYD Wood treatment oil, indoor use,

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STOCKARYD wood treatment oil protects wood both on the surface and deep into the fiber, and gives it a nice sheen to enhance character of wood. It offers combined benefits of linseed oil and tung tree oil.

Article Number202.404.62

Product details

This wood treatment oil penetrates deeply into the wood to enhance the wood feel and water resistance, while also protecting the surface and providing a shiny finish.

The long shelf life makes it easier for you to care for your furniture and wooden countertops at regular intervals.

Coverage: 14-18 m²/500 ml for one treatment ‒ depending on the absorbency of the wood.

Touch-dry and water repellent after 4-6 hours.

Storage life: 36 months in unopened factory sealed container. Storage life of opened container is 12 months, when the container is closed properly.

STOCKARYD contains no solvents that can harm the environment and doesn't give off any strong odors while being applied.


IKEA of Sweden

  • For untreated or oil-treated wooden furniture for indoor use and countertops of solid wood.

  • Material
    Wood treatment oil, Linseed oil, Drying agent
  • Soak any used cloth saturated with this product in water immediately after use, or store in an airtight glass or metal container to prevent the risk of self-ignition.


Volume: 17 oz

  • STOCKARYDArticle Number202.404.62

    Length: 4 ½ "

    Weight: 1 lb 4 oz

    Diameter: 3 ½ "

    Package(s): 1


Ery easy to use andSandraEry easy to use and clean up4
Long lasting protectionDavidI've used mineral oils and other oils on my wood countertops. However, this is by far the best product. The waterproof effect lasts for months and it leaves the wood with a beautiful sheen. It's a great product to protect your wood countertops.5
Natural finish for kitchenNancyNatural finish for kitchen5
Glad i got it.SerhiyHad a few cutting boards at home that were pretty random and not treated and was really happy to get this stain to make them last longer and look more similar. Pretty happy the way it turned out.5
Not what it used to be-NOW TERRIBLEDeidreIkea used to sell the best sealer. It was a white milky product which dried quickly, only slightly darkened the color. The can looked the same. But now it's an oily product that completely changes the look of the wood and doesn't dry well. If you're going to buy this, do a test patch first. This stuff is terrible1
Changes color of raw woodLorenaWe had a beautiful table top made of raw ash wood for our office. Took months to find the perfect color and wood type to make this custom top. I wanted to use a matte poly to seal the wood but hubby suggested to use an oil similar to teak oil of some sort. Not knowing anything about this stuff I saw this can at Ikea one day and compulsively bought it. Hubby put it on and I was so very disappointed that the beautiful and natural wood color had changed to this ugly dark red color. Makes our expensive custom cabinetry look so unpleasing. It’s been couple months since the oil was put on and the color of the wood has not changed color as I hoped. So disappointing and a waste of money for the oil and our large wooden desk top! The can should have a warning that it may change the color of the wood/surface. I would not recommend if you want to keep the same color of wood. I would give 0 stars if I could.1
Not food safe-offgasses for days-changes color of woodJudyBe very aware of this product before consideration. I used this on my new IKEA Pinnarp Ash butcherblock countertops. I loved the ash color of my butcherblock and wanted to protect by using the Stockaryd oil. As in my review title, this is not food safe, seriously offgasses for days, wear gloves. Follow cloth disposal instructions as it self ignites. Had to leave windows open for ventilation and circulate air in entire home for a week. This was a terrible experience but the worst part yet to come as the Stockaryd oil while stated as a beige color, changed the color of my lovely ash to a honey!! I will learn to live with this mistake but will never use this oil again and have recently purchased a non toxic-food safe beeswax online. I wish I could get a refund and my ash countertops back! Review won't allow me to leave a zero. Terribly Sad customer.1
Nice finishPaolaGave a perfect shine to my counter top5
Linseed oilLaurieWorks great on project to lightly stain and protect and it refreshes older wood as well. We refreshed our kitchen cabinets.5
Never driedTomI used this on a couple of Ikea wooden desktops. The product never dried. Oil never stopped oozing out of the wood, even after several weeks. The table tops are now ruined. Since some people are reporting good results with this product, I guess I got a bad batch. The date on the can meant it was 6 months old at the time of use, which, according to the product description, is within the recommended lifetime. Very disappointed!1
Mistake-proof. Best finish.DavidA combination of tung oil and boiled linseed oil. Old fashioned. Makes a honey color on oak. Thin with acetone.5
perfect for the jobLuanit's important to keep wood conditioned. this is easy to use and will make the wood surface last forever.5
Perfect for live edge wood counter top!TamiWe have an acacia live edge wood kitchen counter and island that over time was very dry and looked worn. I had tried different oils from the big box stores and they didn’t do much. I found this at IKEA and thought I would give it a go. I applied it at night and let it steep overnight by morning it was like I had brand new tops! There were even a few water marks that were completely gone. I will only use this product in the future. The only recommendation I have is to make sure you don’t get the product on your appliances because it will stain them.5
StockarydLaverneIt works well5
Great! Takes awhile to dry.KatherineI wish I had bought this sooner. Ultimately it seemed easier to buy this than find a more expensive alternative. This was easy to apply (use a cloth--follow the directions) and wasn't time consuming for either quote. The wood was a little slick longer than expected and the smell did linger more than a day, but overall the product is definitely worth it. I'm glad I finally did this, before all of my furniture was stained.5
Pretty goodVerified BuyerGood product very upset when I got home and realized it did not come with a towel or a hand.3
Excellent FinishVerified BuyerThis finish does take a couple of days to dry but has proven to be an outstanding finish on my KARLBY oak countertops – especially for the price. I put a couple of coats of this finish on the countertops prior to installation and, so far, have no stains on the countertops after almost a year of use. Although the original KARLBY factory applied Hardwax Oil finish appeared to be very durable (I did some stain tests prior to countertop installation), applying the STOCKARYD finish over the factory finish makes them easier to clean and more stain resistant. IKEA lists the STOCKARYD ingredients as linseed oil and tung oil, both of which take a while to cure. Another good thing about this type of oil finish, compared to something like polyurethane, is that you can make repairs pretty easily by sanding the damaged area and applying more oil finish. TIP: follow the instructions carefully - you need to put these types of oil finishes on in very thin coats, let it sit for a bit, and then wipe it off, otherwise, it will greatly extend the drying time and may leave the finish sticky.5
Does not dryBeckyTried to use this product on an IKEA kitchen island (was listed as a product to buy with it). It did not dry. Very disappointed.1
Nice finishVerified BuyerI have the karlby walnut countertops and this is the only finish that I really liked the look of. I tried waterlox and other wax based finishes but none of them looked like what i wanted. I did use 5-6 coats of this but it's really easy to apply. Now my countertop is waterproofed and doesnt leave rings from glasses, etc. Recommend sanding well before applying and doing several coats. It's got a nice shine without being glossy.5
MarceI bought this item some months ago. I did not like it because it does not dry.1


Protects and preserves wood

With STOCKARYD wood treatment oil you protect indoor products made from untreated or pre-oiled solid wood. The oil is absorbed into the wood and prevents water from penetrating it. It also protects the surface from stains. By regularly treating the wood you give the surface a fine luster that's easy to keep clean. The main ingredients in the wood treatment oil are tung oil and linseed oil. It contains no solvents that can harm the environment and doesn't give off any strong odors while being applied.