SPRITTA Citrus squeezer, clear/yellow Stainless steel
SPRITTA Citrus squeezer, clear/yellow Stainless steel
SPRITTA Citrus squeezer, clear/yellow Stainless steel
Article Number001.521.64

Product details

You can squeeze any type of citrus fruit by changing the different inserts.Domes in 2 different sizes included.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Carl Öjerstam

  • Jar:SAN plastic
    Strainer:Stainless steel
    Squeezer:ABS plastic
  • No BPA (Bisphenol A) added.
  • SPRITTACitrus squeezerArticle Number:001.521.64
    Width: 6 "Height: 3 ¼ "Length: 8 ¼ "Weight: 9 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

8 "
6 "
4 "


Nice designDavinaLooks great, bigger than I expected, easy to wash.5
working as expectedTeenaworking as expected5
Easy to use and clean.RITAEasy to use and clean.4
Very useful.LynnVery useful.5
Adequate but disappointedJAMESThis product is functional, but does not convey a sense of durability. The lightweight metal part and the plastic bowl give me the impression that it will soon be well scratched, opaque and looking like it belongs in the donations box.3
Works for what I needJanellWorks for what I need it for5
Could be used for lemons and orangesMshatrrI like the double usage of this product5
Lemon delightBlack pearlBetter than I expected. Larger in size the glass holder is big and it’s more than I expected. I am pleased5
Works greatMichaela LyuI think it is a good product: durable, ergonomic, easy to clean, easy to assemble and if you keep the yellow parts under the metal part it will save you space and it is less likely to lose 1 or more parts. The product could be a little cheaper5
Great to juice 1-2 lemons quickly.TYoungAtHeartI like this product for quick juicing, when not much juice is needed. However it would help if it had feet or little rubber suction cups underneath to adhere to the counter.4
Works greatAlaniz80It does just what it’s supposed to nothing beats freshly squeezed juice.5
All in one convenienceMaggie31This citrus squeezer gives you enough stability to squezze to the last drop, while all the juice is captured in a convenient pour spout basin5
Best of all this kind.BuseI’ve been looking to get one of these but I couldn’t find good looking one with a good price until I see that one. It comes with 2 sizes of squeeze part which is so useful for both lemons and oranges.1
hakonei bought coz its needed and its good quality very satisfied5
Best way to juice for margaritas!Portland GirlPreviously, I was using the hand-held squeezer method for lemons, limes and oranges. This squeezer is a waaaaay better way to get all of the juice from your fruit. Great design. The juice collects in a nice size container (for margarita juicing) and the container has a handy spout. It includes a strainer that holds the juicer part and acts as a strainer, to keep the seeds and pulp out of your juice. It’s a clever design. I would ding the juicer on just one thing. If there was a way for the juice to pass through the strainer faster, that would be a welcome improvement. I’d actually give this a 4.5. However, the price is so reasonable, definitely a 5. I bought a 2nd one. It’s light weight and easy to carry on a picnic or camping.5
Amazing juicer at a great price!cjcwNo more wasted fruit! Great job getting every drop out of my citrus.5
Spriia squeezer for lemonsLizzie57I bought it last week. It is great and easy to use holding the liquid easily without a problem. It would benefit me greatly if it came in glass. I squeeze 8 lemons per week so am hoping that the acid in the lemon doesn't eat through the plastic nor plastic seep into my mixture. Please respond to this concern I have. Thank you so much!!!!!5
Simply works!Alex127Works great, I get all the juice out. Love that it comes with two sizes, which I didn't notice when I bought it. Small size is perfect for my key limes.5
Handy citrus juicerdaileen65I bought this to juice lemons for lemon curd. I love that it has two sizes for different size citrus fruits. The down side was the strainer part allowed smaller seeds into your juice. Now I will know I have to strain for seeds.4

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Citrus squeezer, clear/yellow Stainless steel

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SPRITTA Citrus squeezer, clear/yellow Stainless steel