SOLARVET LED string light with 24 lights, outdoor solar-powered/ball white
SOLARVET LED string light with 24 lights, outdoor solar-powered/ball white
SOLARVET LED string light with 24 lights, outdoor solar-powered/ball white
SOLARVET LED string light with 24 lights, outdoor solar-powered/ball white
SOLARVET LED string light with 24 lights, outdoor solar-powered/ball white
SOLARVET LED string light with 24 lights, outdoor solar-powered/ball white

Enjoy light outdoors after sunset. Light chains are perfect when you want a nice setting for your balcony, terrace or garden. Create a cozy atmosphere for dinner or for your own quiet moment.

Article Number004.214.06

Product details

Gives a nice decorative light.Helps you save energy and reduce your environmental impact because it is powered by a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity.Easy to use because no cords or plugs are needed.Uses LEDs, which consume up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.Built-in LED light source.Recharging time is 9-12 hours in sunlight, but over 12 hours on a cloudy day.Position the solar panel for maximum exposure to sunlight.When the battery is fully charged, the lights will shine for approx. 12 hours.LED life approx. 25,000 hours.Light color; warm white (3000 Kelvin).Approved for use as outdoor lighting, IP 44.The battery should be replaced only with a rechargeable battery of the same type and capacity.This product bears the CE mark.Includes 1 rechargeable AA 1.2V battery for solar-powered products.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number004.214.06
  • Battery box:ABS plastic
    Decoration:100 % nylon
    Shade holder:Polypropylene
    For maximum performance, clean the solar panel regularly to remove dust and dirt.
    Warning:This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
  • SOLARVETLED string light with 24 lightsArticle Number004.214.06
    Width: 5 "Height: 4 ¼ "Length: 6 ¾ "Weight: 1 lb 1 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

Length to 1st light: 
9 ' 10 "
Cord length btwn lights: 
7 "
3 "
0.1 W
Total length: 
23 ' 11 "


I hung these in myLisaI hung these in my screen house and love them5
GreatgrazynaHave them on my deck - work great!!5
Love these solar lights.DeborahThey took some time to construct, but it was worth it. They turn on at dusk, produce a nice glow all night and are still going strong at dawn when the turn off. They really add nice ambiance to our deck.5
Assembly takes some time-- youAUTUMNAssembly takes some time-- you have to put each individual lantern together x20. But the lights work well and last though the evening. I have the sensor in part shade and it still gets enough light.5
Lovely lightsKATHERINEWe love these lights. They are going outside on our patio. Lots of illumination and the solar panel works great.5
Love themBRENDA B.We put them under our patio umbrella. We were able to put the solar collector on the outside of the umbrella through the opening in the top. We ran the lights around the inside. I woke up at 6am and they were still lit. They are not bright but provide nice ambiance lighting.5
Best solar lightsRochelleI have ordered these 3 times. They are the best solar string lights I have ever bought. My first set of lights is about 3-4 years old and still shines bright as day I got them.5
Just what we neededMARYWe needed solar lights to complete an outdoor gathering spot that still has no power. These lights (3 strings) are bright enough for a 15’ x 20’ shade structure. The options for mounting the solar collector made it easy to position to collect enough light to recharge the battery so the lights are still on at sunrise. They look great, too. We may not need to add power after all!5
Placed in my officeLillianI love them5
work great! only for decoration,SERGIOwork great! only for decoration, not a significant source of light5
Beautiful and brightIkea T.These lights are charming! Assembly takes some patience but I love them in the trees and around the decks. I hope they hold up in the winter!5
Solar light stringBarber S.Love these5
Cute lanternsJenniferI bought these lights to hang in my back patio. I love the fact that they are solar and LED but the lights are bit dim. They still look beautiful and give the space a bit of personality.4
Looks amazing but didn"t workcraftycorgimomMy husband and I were so super excited to buy these back in December to put in the spring/summer. We loved how they looked and thought they would be a nice touch to our deck. Things went south with Covid and sadly we didn't get to them until August. We sat down and put the pieces together, sat them outside to charge and we all excited to test them out......and nothing happened. No light came on. We removed the batteries (we bought two) and tried them again. No dice a second time with new batteries and two days of charging. I would like to return them but I don't think my IKEA store is open, so now I have two really pretty paper weights.1
CharmingVarvorines_onYoutubeThese look great outside. I like that they come on when it gets dark out. They make my back yard area look so charming. I’m going to get more. The price is nearly $20. I wanted to get 4 sets but that would have been nearly $80 and I just could not do that all at once. The instructions were ok. I wish the picture that is indicating the white globes to be laid on a surface to install the plastic connectors, did a better job at illustrating it should be laid on a surface. I interpreted it as just the direction of the white globe needing to have the side with the two small holes facing up. It went so much faster when I figured out to place the white globes on a surface and pull the top side up over the plastic connectors. I noticed the display in Burbank just had the globes zip tied to the lights.5
great performerHB MOMI bought a string of these lights last year and they have been outside 24/7 since then and still light up beautifully. I was happy to see them available again this year, so I stocked up. It is curious though why the wire is black instead of white like the shades. It would be a little more versatile to use in all settings with white wire.5
Not defective - just bad designDcsansI exposed the solar panel to full sun for many hours then tried turning them on and they wouldn’t light up. I even went out to Ikea and got new rechargeable batteries and a charger. But then before I changed the battery I decided to try once more - I laid the solar panel down on my carpet and turned them on and voila! They lit up! After some testing I realized the panel has to be in the dark or near-dark in order for the lights to work. The second I flipped the panel back over and exposed it to daylight the lights turned off, even though I hadn’t flipped the switch to ‘off.’ Terrible design choice. I wonder how many others tried testing these during the day and thought they were defective. It would help if Ikea added words to their directions. Assembly was straightforward (a little tedious) and I like that the globes are a durable plastic material and not paper, so they can handle rain. The wire has an IP44 rating, indicating its suitable for outdoors (and rain).3
Great buyESilverioThey were quite easy to put together and light up beautifully. Have only had them for a few days so only time will tell how they hold up. But I'm very happy with their look.5
Lovely lights for the balcony.mrm63The lights take a few minutes to assemble with the little covers. So far they have been working great to add some soft light to the balcony.5
product does not work at allrickmannycWe bought 2 of these. It took a long time to set them up and hang them. They worked great for 1 night and then they never turned on again.1

LED string light with 24 lights, outdoor solar-powered/ball white

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SOLARVET LED string light with 24 lights, outdoor solar-powered/ball white