SJÖRAPPORT Peeled shrimp, MSC certified/frozen
SJÖRAPPORT Peeled shrimp, MSC certified/frozen

Scandinavia's cold seas and responsible fishing define SJÖRAPPORT series. These peeled and quick-frozen shrimp have a fresh taste that goes just as well cold in a shrimp cocktail as warm in a fish soup.

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Cooked, peeled and quick-frozen. Result: firm, succulent shrimp with a fresh and sea-like scent and flavor.Defrost and serve cold in cocktails and salads or in a hearty Fisherman’s soup with a taste of the sea: shrimp, salmon, shallots, fennel, spring onions and dill.This seafood has met the MSC's global standard for sustainability.No additives, no preservatives. Natural ingredients only.From sustainable fisheries in the Northeast and Northwest Atlantic.Freezing shortly after catch preserves the taste, nutritional value and quality.Keep frozen at –4°F or below. Do not refreeze once defrosted.
Article Number303.478.58
  • SJÖRAPPORTPeeled shrimpArticle Number303.478.58
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Very tasty easy to prepareCarmenVery tasty easy to prepare and ready to eat4
SkagenANNUKKAExcellent to make Skagenröra for toast and/or baked potato.5
Small ShrimpsGARYvery Easy to thaw and use for special occasions or every day.5
Best shrimpIngridThese shrimp taste so much better than what you normally buy here in the US.5
Salad shrimpCynthiaWish IKEA sold this in larger size5
Tiny little srimpsNidiaI wish the bag will be transparent to see the size. Too tiny. I like they're wild caught.3
rakmackaMrs B.My favorite thing to eat when I come home to Sweden.Shrimp sandwich, now I can make them myself thank's to IKEA5
Go for these little onesKarenzaA fine product for those of us who are not enamored with huge shrimp 🍤 I use them for hors d’ouvre, in soup, in salad5
Love the peeled shrimpKatBrattTastes great! Bought the in shell variety before due to the lower cost. Not worth the few pennies when compared to the time involved. Both great products.5
Small tasty shrimp!SloppaShrimp sandwich, Swedish way, mum’s filibabba !5
Shrimp salad to GoGadgetgirl8I bought this a couple weeks ago and was able to have shrimp salad. The shrimps tasted good and it did not smell and it didn’t any fishy taste.5
TastelessKLK85Buy the unpeeled shrimps instead,they taste great while these are completely tasteless, like chewing on rubber.1
Disappointing ShrimpGMT from IndianaI bought this a couple of weeks ago and was really disappointed in it. the peled shrimp were very tiny and many were broken up into very little pieces...micro shrimp. In addition, the bag was filled with ice crystals so I suspect poor refrigeration or handling. I won't be buying this again. Not up to IKEA standards.2
Great shrimps!VerzdarI love this shrimps so much but it became to have less caviars which is so so good!4
Great tasting small shrimp.Mikki KSo simple and yummy, my cat loves them too!5
peeled shrimpmollycatI love the sweet taste of these shrimp. Perfect for a new years day get together!5
Flavorful and easy to useNancyLSBought these to make shrimp sandwiches and they were great5
A Real TreatFrankinthesunHaving lived many years in Europe, I know the difference that really cold sea water makes to cocktail shrimp. I've tried to find its equal in the US but failed, except when I choose to make the trek to IKEA for a few packs of these tasty little crustaceans.5
First time buying this!!Carla32I bought this a week ago, I coudn't wait to eat them. So last night I made a shrimp spaghetti dinner!5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Offering you tasty, more sustainable seafood

All wild-caught fish and shrimp served and sold at IKEA come from fisheries which are independently certified to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards. When you enjoy MSC certified seafood you can be sure you are supporting sustainable fishing and protecting seafood supplies for generations to come.

SJÖRAPPORT Peeled shrimp, MSC certified/frozen

Serving up Scandinavian seafood dishes

The icy salt waters of Scandinavia have provided nutritious and tasty seafood for countless generations. Salmon and shrimp feature in traditional dishes throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Today, we’re working to share these tasty traditions with the world, while helping to protect the future of our oceans and its sea life for many generations to come.

Take salmon for example. Together with our suppliers, we’ve helped pioneer responsible practices and standards for salmon farming around the world. Our suppliers use energy and waste-efficient facilities, traceable and responsibly sourced feed, and farming methods proven to decrease environmental impact – all this while securing food quality. They’re also partnering with environmental NGOs to continuously improve the efficiency and impact of their work.

Influencing change

Since 2015 all IKEA salmon and shrimp is Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) or Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, which means it meets strict social and environmental standards. “IKEA was involved with creating standards for responsible fish farming from the beginning,” says Hans-Fredrik Pedersen, who works with one of our salmon suppliers. “IKEA has the power and the will to make changes for a better future. When it comes to environmental responsibility, other companies can learn from them.”

Offering the world Scandinavian classics

“It's truly been rewarding to be a part of IKEA serving these Scandinavian-style dishes all over the world,” Hans-Fredrik says. “We are very happy to have been a part of that journey.” Ultimately, we want our salmon and shrimps to be more than simply good-tasting seafood. For us, it’s about offering our customers something that will make them feel good inside.

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Peeled shrimp, MSC certified/frozen

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SJÖRAPPORT Peeled shrimp, MSC certified/frozen


$8.99/ 0.551 lb