LADDA Rechargeable battery, HR03 AAA 1.2V
LADDA Rechargeable battery, HR03 AAA 1.2V

You reduce costs and waste by switching to rechargeable batteries, especially if you are a frequent user of traditional alkaline ones. In addition, you will always have working batteries when needed!

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If you’re a frequent user of alkaline batteries, over time you can save money, reduce waste and lower your impact on the environment by switching to LADDA rechargeable batteries.LADDA rechargeable batteries work in all kinds of products, from a sustainability perspective they are best in products with high energy consumption, like portable speakers, toys, flashlights or cameras.Rechargeable batteries can be used repeatedly. Alkaline batteries are non-rechargeable disposable batteries, which need to be discarded after being discharged.By using rechargeable batteries, you’ll always have ready-to-use batteries at home and rarely have to buy new ones.LADDA rechargeable batteries come pre-charged when you buy them and you can charge them up to 1000 times.The battery is ready to use.WARNING! Keep batteries out of reach of children and pets. To swallow a battery could be fatal. If this happens seek medical attention at once.WARNING! If a battery has been swallowed or if you suspect that a battery has been swallowed, seek immediate medical attention! Swallowing a battery may lead to severe injuries and death.Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries.Do not deform, damage, dismantle, open or short-circuit batteries.In the event of a leaking battery, do not allow liquid to come in contact with skin or eyes. If exposed to liquid, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.You can recharge these batteries approx. 500 times.Life: approx. 5 years.This product bears the CE mark.For rechargeable batteries, only use the intended charger.Remove batteries from the charger when fully charged.Observe the polarity marks plus (+) and minus (−) and ensure correct battery insertion into charger or product.Only use batteries that are intended for the product. Do not mix old and new batteries, different brands or types.Batteries should be handed in for recycling in accordance with local environmental regulations for waste disposal.Voltage: 1.2V.Battery capacity: 900 mAh.
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  • Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.By creating products that help people minimize waste, we contribute to enabling a more sustainable life at home.
  • LADDARechargeable batteryArticle Number:903.038.80
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4 pack


Exactly what I need.NORMAThis is exactly what I needed. If I were to pick up a non-chargeable version of these, it would cost approximately the same. I prefer these LADDA batteries due to the fact that I can recharge these a great many times instead of using once and throwing it out. I have a great many of the AA and AAA versions, and plan to keep utilizing them until they die for good. I will say that I have recharged a couple of sets of these AA's over 150 times over 2 years, and they still last almost as long as they did when I originally purchased them, therefore I can say that I have more than gotten my money's worth from them. Thanks IKEA folks!5
Wish IKEA had it inarnelWish IKEA had it in double AA which I originally wanted but was out of stock5
Great BatteriesDanaOutstanding quality rechargeable batteries and it was so wonderful to be able to purchase them from home using my IKEA credit card points and have the batteries sent right to my home since travel out of state to my nearest IKEA store is prohibited by travel restrictions in the state the store is located.5
Solid, Economical Rechargeable CellsTomIKEA's LADDA AA's and AAA's have become my go-to rechargeable batteries. Years of experience have taught me NEVER to trust any device, even toys to Alkaline cells, no matter the brand. If left inserted for prolonged periods, Alkaline's leak, and damage or ruin your gear. Among NiMH rechargeable cell brands, the white IKEA LADDA cells have proved long runtimes and cycle life - I'm still using a pair of the original IKEA silver-green NiMH cells, has to be a decade of use now. I use the white, high capacity cells even for low drain toys, and especially for AA & AAA LED flashlights. The tan, lower capacity cells are advertised for longer life (perhaps lower self-discharge "shelf life") in low drain applications, but I've not tried these to see if this is so.5
I am flabbergasted how difficult it is to contact your storeKareI Lost my IKEA membership card and someone else is buying product using my membership I never bought these batteries and then I never bought a curtain rod you sent me a previous email and I don’t know how to contact you and tell you this but I would like to put a stop to this please help me.1
Great battery for the priceLongNo need for more trash such as the single used battery5
Great Batteries!lindaI saw a YouTube video testing different types of batteries and these performed very well, so I did an informal test on these batteries vs. Duracell rechargeables, the green with copper top 900mAh, in a couple of candles I have set on 4hr timer (both battery brands were new out of the package). These lasted a couple days longer before needing to be recharged. I recharged them both and tried again switching candles, same results. I will gladly pay less for an equal or better product! They did not have AA in store so I ordered online along with another package of AAA. The delivery process was a bit longer than expected and for about a week or so, there was no update, just a page showing it was in process, took about 2 weeks to receive order, not sure if this is normal for IKEA or if they just were out of stock, as I have never ordered online with them before. Since these were not items I needed in a rush it was not a problem, just wasn’t sure if the order actually went through or not. But products were received in good condition and I wouldn’t hesitate to order again, just with their timeline in mind. The other brand was $17.99 for 4 in a big box store, so this is a considerable savings! Definitely will stock up as needed!5
Rechargeable batteriesMomo5249These batteries replaced old ones I had in my solar powered outdoor lighting. I love the way they make my backyard light up. Beautiful5
Okay, but don"t charge doesn"t last very longAnnieGL7I have a couple devices that require AAA batteries and bought these to use in them. I'm used to the battery life of the larger AA batteries so these seem to run out faster as they are smaller and a lower capacity. I do love having rechargeable batteries whenever possible.4
Rechargable BatteriesHM2020These and the AA batteries are a great deal. When you recharge these with the IKEA charger. They are ready to go in a few hours. Once you have replaced all your batteries, you'll never have to buy batteries again. Just charge them up again. Each charge seems to last as long as Alkalines making it another plus.5
STandalaRechargeable batteries are a good choice for cutting down on disposable ones. Better for the enviroment. Although rechargeables are pricier upfront, the cost is minimal over their long, long life! Thanks!5
The best batteriesViolekOeWe are very happy the batteries last very long5
Great productLewisjeffery1966Love these batteries they work great and last a long time5
The cheapest rechargeable batteries available...Andres185Have not found cheaper rechargeable batteries than these....4
Best batteriesAkumaMaxThese have been great so far. They hold their charge for a long time.5
Rechargable batteriesMom of 6 Teacher to manyI have bought several for home and my classroom. So far so good. The batteries have recharged and are good to go. They have been lasting so I am happy about that!5
Works great!Nannette211Bought these to replace the old batteries in cordless phones. They work great and hold a charge for days.5
Rechargeable is the way to go!Maggie53Although the regular IKEA batteries are a great value, I feel that having rechargeable batteries is far less wasteful. They work great, too!5
Highly recommend!Loran1Made a sample purchase of these Ladda batteries and now buying more. They are made in Japan and seem to be the same high quality as Sanyo or Amazon Basic. Always purchase the highest number Mah like these 900 for the AAA and the 2450 for the AA. The charge lasts so much longer and really worth the extra cost.5
Excellent alternative!!!djMinWahThese seem to have no difference when used in electronics like flashlights or remote controls. Haven’t used it in high discharge items like high powered flashlights or R/C vehicles. They charge at relatively the same speed as other brand batteries. Recommended.5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Rechargeable batteries – a great swap for you and the planet

We want to help everyone enjoy a better everyday life, without compromising the conditions for the planet and future generations. A step in that direction is that, from October 2021, we stop selling alkaline batteries and completely switch to rechargeable ones, which can be used repeatedly. Benefits are that you always have working batteries and don’t have to buy new ones so often, while reducing waste and the environmental impact. Convenient for you, better for all of us.

Rechargeable batteryHR03 AAA 1.2V

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LADDA Rechargeable battery, HR03 AAA 1.2V


$6.99/ 4 pack