KNOTTEN Standing desk, white birch
KNOTTEN Standing desk, white birch
KNOTTEN Standing desk, white birch
KNOTTEN Standing desk, white birch
KNOTTEN Standing desk, white birch
KNOTTEN Standing desk, white birch
KNOTTEN Standing desk, white birch
Article Number302.994.85

Product details

This standing desk is a modern version of a traditional writing desk. The desk is ideal as the information hub of the home. There’s room for calendars, mail, keys and more.Several storage spaces in different sizes, designed for items like laptops or bags.You can hang keys and other smaller items on the hooks.The handy cable management lets you keep extension cords and power strips hidden yet still close at hand.Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far.If you choose to assemble the drawers without drawer stops, you can pull the drawer all the way out and bring to the sofa or wherever you want to sit.Can be placed anywhere in the room because the back is finished.This desk has been tested for domestic use and meets the requirements for durability and stability set forth in the following standards: EN 12521 and EN 1730.The drawer holds letter size papers.Designer

K Hagberg/M Hagberg

  • Table top/ Lid/ Upper frame/ Underframe/ Leg/ Shelf/ Drawer front/ Drawer back:Solid birch, Tinted clear acrylic lacquer
    Drawer side/ Drawer bottom:Birch plywood, Tinted clear acrylic lacquer
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Check regularly that all assembly fastenings are properly tightened and retighten when necessary.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    KNOTTENStanding deskArticle Number:302.994.85This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 19 ¼ "Height: 3 ¾ "Length: 35 "Weight: 22 lb 11 ozPackage(s): 1
    Width: 14 ½ "Height: 3 ¼ "Length: 21 "Weight: 18 lb 15 ozPackage(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsKNOTTEN Standing desk302.994.85

Product size

Desktop width: 
20 1/2 "
Desktop depth: 
16 7/8 "
24 3/8 "
18 7/8 "
41 3/8 "
Max. load: 
22 lb


Nice looking but all pieces not drilled properly.EpiGurlI drove three hours and bought this desk. The wood looks very nice but one of the pieces doesn't have holes drilled where they are supposed to be. The holes need to be drilled very deep and I do not have the tools to do this. It's very frustrating to spend almost $150 for a piece that I cannot assemble because it is defective.2
One annoying flaw...Doorn76While I have been waiting to be able to purchase this standing desk as it is perfect for my classroom, upon assembly, the small flip top that flips up to store cables and cords does not sit flush with the rest of the top of the desk. When I finally got through to customer service at IKEA, I was told that I was given a 15% “as-is” discount on this item, they could not send me a replacement part. I never received an email or phone call regarding this discount and didn’t find it until customer service notified me of this. I am quite disappointed in this development as that part sitting on a different level than the rest of the desk will prove to be a pain for me in my classroom. We’ve tried everything to get it to sit flush, including placing a rather heavy table lamp on it for the past several weeks, and nothing is solving the problem. The discount of $26 is not worth it to me, but it looks like there’s nothing that I can do about it at this point. Quite disappointing...3
Love this desk!Dodie SueWe were looking for a computer desk that the grandkids couldn’t reach, and this is just perfect. There is plenty of space for a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and there are two drawers for storage of pens, paper, etc. the stand is very sturdy and perfect for our needs.5
Specialized but very interesting piececcc13I've been using this desk near the home's entryway, and it's great for holding keys, umbrellas, bags, mail, etc — all the things you might want to grab going out or immediately dump coming in. The hooks and small drawers are surprisingly useful and the number of shelves lets it hold a lot without becoming difficult to access. It also looks nice, though its coloration may make it stand out a bit in your average home. Being of solid wood is also great and it's quite sturdy. The phone or tablet charging area is usable if a bit gimmicky; on my unit, the hinges are not quite aligned so the hatch never quite shuts 100% exactly. The edging is surprisingly rough for something that's otherwise so well-built (real roughness if you run your hand along the corners and edges, though no splinters at least). Do reserve a good block of time for putting this together, as this unit does have, by far, the most involved assembly process I've ever seen in a piece of prebuilt furniture (and I have some complicated BESTÅ units!). It's certainly doable but proceed slowly and carefully!4
Very solid!Steven 2013This was a great value and is the perfect height!5
Perfect kitchen deskJetMomI needed a desk in the kitchen to use for working from home, this was perfect. I love using a stand up desk and this is the perfect height. It was easy to assemble and is very sturdy.5
Great features!fischkopfI love this desk due to it's size! It has shelving, drawers, hooks etc! It is compact and hardly takes up space! It is solid and also attractive as an addition to any type of room furnishing! I love it!5
Super functional deskrrinsocalWe are dealing with limited space, so this desk is perfect. Took about 45 min to assemble without issues. I like that it is light enough to move around if needed, yet is sturdy. Printer fits below nicely.5
This solved a workspace problem at a great priceSilverspringkingI bought this and I am happy I did. This standing desk is the right compliment to my office. Compact footprint. If this ever becomes obsolete by virtue of another purchase this becomes the organization solution to get my kids out the door each day.4
Great Teacher DeskDsymThis is a great compact standing work station! It holds my laptop, document camera, teaching manuals, and various supplies. It feels solid and definitely had no issues putting together. I did have help putting together, but could be done alone.5
Fantastic Teacher Desk!caplec2I bought this desk for my classroom. I was nervous to assemble it based on many of the reviews, but I had no issues whatsoever. I was able to assemble the desk in two hours by myself; I know it says two people, but I made it work! Some of it did take some lateral thinking, but it was absolutely possible and very straightforward. Just make sure to lay out all hardware and pieces first before starting!5
Everything I needEve1659I love this desk. It’s compact and yet has everything I need right there- the bottom rack can hold a file box. Cubbies to keep what is in process at hand and 2 drawers that fit full size pages etc. I have been more productive with it- I had little space and this desk suits it perfectly5
Tough to assemble but glad I didKhansThis standing desk works very well as a catch all desk right next to my front doorway to set down bags, keys, and other things you come home with or want to remember to bring. The wood finish is very smooth and bright. That being said, Do not assemble this in a hurry! This was more complicated than average to assemble, and it's worth taking your time to understand the instructions.4
Perfect for small spaces!!Olive79I bought this a month ago and absolutely love it!5
Super handy and useful in many waysKARGROHappy with this desk as I needed a standing desk and this desk is great! The drawers are handy. The sturdiness is a selling point. Very happy with this purchase!5
One of the best Ikea furniture I ever boughtThe Old GrinchIt is actually a real wood table. I just finished to assemble it, which I did alone and within about 1.5 hours.I think the instructions are clear. If you look at the pictures, and compare it with the actual parts in the box, than it works the way it was intended. Given, there are several parts in almost identical size. But the pre-drilled holes distinguish them clearly.The only part which doesn't make too much sense to me are the 'hidden' compartment in the back of the desk. As simple as that, they are too small to fit todays smartphones, which is the declared purpose of this part of the desk. But, I will surely find something to put there. I have now a rock solid wooden writing desk, and I am sure I will love it every day.5
Great Table but very hard to put togetherSuzyq818I’m really enjoying the table but after two frustrating hours to trying to put this table together due to the instructions being completely without any words just bad pictures, I had to pay my neighbor to put it together. So its great once its together but getting there for some of us is not easy4
Space Saver…calyma629Perfect for someone needing a small work station. Has all the features of a regular desk, but takes up less room. Perfect for my loft.5
Missing / Duplicate partKeithX72After visiting Ikea on two trips (2 hours each way) spending about $4000 at this store to furnish our new home, I get to assembling this desk only to find that they provided two left hand sides, and zero right hand sides of the desk. I can not assemble the desk and will have to seek a solution. I would like to love this desk but I'm hating the experience. It's quite disappointment so far and I still have several other products to put together - I hope it goes better with those.1
Perfect sizeRabesMy daughter loves this desk. Just enough space to have a landing spot for homework, but doesn't hog up all of her room. Nice features, too.5

Function solution

All in the same place

Calendars, important mail, work or house keys. KNOTTEN standing desk is ideal for making an information hub at home, where you can collect all those things you need to make everyday life function. Handy cable management makes it perfect for your tablet or laptop. Check something quickly online, read e-mails on the go or stand up and work every now and then. As an added bonus, you get the extra positive health effects from standing up while working.

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“With KNOTTEN standing desk, we wanted to combine an old-fashioned writing desk with the modern functions that people need today. Letting wood, a natural material, interact with the digital world gives an exciting contrast. We see KNOTTEN standing desk becoming the information hub of the home, with space for your laptop, chargers, calendars, mail and keys. Use it to quickly send an e-mail, surf or work – and create a beautiful, practical space wherever you want in your home.”

Designers Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg

Standing desk, white birch

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KNOTTEN Standing desk, white birch