DRYCK FLÄDER Elderflower syrup
DRYCK FLÄDER Elderflower syrup
DRYCK FLÄDER Elderflower syrup
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The elder bush bears white blossoms, suitable for making juice and jam. Mix with water (1:6) as a table drink, or use as the base in different drinks.For information about the product including ingredients, allergens and nutritional values, please see the images of the product package.IKEA always strives to provide you correct information, but over time it is possible that ingredients and product labels may change for our food.We therefore ask you to always check the product label on the package before use and not rely solely on the information provided on the website.
  • DRYCK FLÄDERElderflower syrupArticle Number:402.960.14
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17 oz


Love the flader saft.DOLORESLove the flader saft.5
Great alternativeHelenI love using this syrup in hot tea and tonic water as an alternative to other sweeteners or soft drinks.5
Most favorite item at IkeaZsuzsannaI've buying this Elderflower syrup for years, it smells fantastic! It smells exactly like my Grandma's homemade Elderflower syrup. I always have a bottle at home. I only wish it was a little less sweet and more flowery.5
Love the tasteKonkidI love the syrup as its not super sweet and is great to combine with some fresh mint and lime on a hot day. Or as change to drinking plain water.5
Great in mixed drinks!FrcaGrfHave been buying this for years as an ingredient in mixed drinks! Great with prosecco! Great with vodka and many different juices...5
YummyMargaritaBTastes like if you were drinking sprite without the carbonation5
Very refreshing!Didi43Add a shot of this to some club soda or seltzer for a light, delicious drink. I recently discovered how tasty elderflower is on a trip to the UK and was delighted that I could get this at Ikea. It seems to be one of the few places in the US that carries anything elderflower-flavored.5
The best !!!moco1I have been buying this product for years. I use it to flavor syrups to moisten pastries, for fruit smoothies (instead of vanilla) and of course by itself. Everyone taste a very different but appealing taste, but they are not sure what it is, I don't share all my secrets... Great product, very consistent quality. Thanks5
Always good.Flipper2017So many uses with this syrup. Recently using it with fresh key limes to make elderflower limeade.5
Great to use in a mixed drinkSageMystElderflower syrup make a very tasty and light drink for hot summer days and nights. Mix it with water or club soda and add, if desired, your alcohol of choice for a nice cocktail.5
AutiniteGreat Syrup. My husband likes it over ice mixed with Topo Chico or mineral water. He says the container needs work. The screw top gets very sticky.5
Authentic and deliciousHappy NickyThis is the refreshing taste I remember from childhood trips to Sweden. I've bought other syrups that were just sugary but this is the real deal.5
Great for non-sparkling waterTamiH64I make elderberry syrup and add in this as a lovely combined flavor. It's also great as something to add to water for guests.5
Val CI purchased this product because I needed a substitute for an alcoholic beverage for Preakness. The product was awesome to use and had great flavor.4
A taste of home!guitarmelI buy this for my 82 year-old mother. When she was a girl in England, they would pick elderberries and make a drink and also wine from it. She just loves this drink because its taste reminds her of those days. It really does taste nice and refreshing.5
Completely authentic !CherryAI love this! I used to live in Copenhagen and missed the flavor of elderflower. It's great to make elderflower soda or just add it as a little flavor. My husband used this to make alcoholic mixed drinks but you can use this in everything, even deserts.5
FantasticPhillymazI was informed by a friend that this was an excellent supplement when you get sick. I didn't quite believe it, but I brought some when I had a cold, and it really did seem to help with my recovery time, Plus, added bonus, it tastes nice too!!!!!5
UniqueLulu2I tried a sample at the store. I loved the flavor- bright, sweet and tangy...delicious!5

Elderflower syrup

$4.49/ 16.907 oz
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DRYCK FLÄDER Elderflower syrup


$4.49/ 16.907 oz