DRÖMSK Plant pot, white, 3 ½ "
DRÖMSK Plant pot, white, 3 ½ "
DRÖMSK Plant pot, white, 3 ½ "
DRÖMSK Plant pot, white, 3 ½ "
DRÖMSK Plant pot, white, 3 ½ "

The DRÖMSK series is like dear pieces of jewelry that you enjoy for a long time. Products with clear functionality that look fine and luxurious. Beautiful on their own and even more beautiful together.


Product details

Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.To protect the surface from any risk of moisture damage, always use a saucer or put felt pads under the plant pot.Designer

Henrik Preutz

  • Earthenware, Pigmented powder coating
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • DRÖMSKPlant potArticle Number:204.566.64
    Length: 4 ½ "Weight: 13 ozDiameter: 4 "Package(s): 1

Product size

4 ¾ "
Outside diameter: 
4 ¼ "
Max. diameter inner pot: 
3 ½ "
Inside diameter: 
4 "


Functional with a modern flareMaycheeGood quality, and functional design with a modern flare.5

Designer thoughts

“I like to start with simple shapes that are tweaked and varied in different ways. The products in the FÖRENLIG series basically have a cylinder shape with different proportions that I literally twisted and turned to create new relationships. Here I think it’s nice how different materials come together and how the shapes are slightly soft and have a warm, fluffy look. I think these items can be used both on their own and together, and that they suit many different homes.”


Plant pot, white3 ½ "

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DRÖMSK Plant pot, white, 3 ½ "