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Newborn toys (0-3 month)

Life with a newborn is all about learning, for parents and baby alike! Our newborn toys are designed to keep your precious little one interested and engaged as their senses, coordination and overall awareness of the world around them develop. Shop our captivatingly cute and colorful 0-3 month toys for your own child, or as a welcoming gift for a friend or family member’s new arrival.  

Newborn toys that little ones can snuggle, rattle and squeak

Our Montessori newborn toys are all about going back to basics with sensory toys little ones can gaze at, grasp, shake, squeeze, hear and more. 0-3 month toys are designed with the rapid growth that babies experience during this period in mind, providing them with safe, eye-catching toys that stimulate their senses and help them develop. 

Some of the most enduringly popular sensory toys for newborns include:

  • Soft rattles: The most iconic and recognizable of all newborn toys is likely the rattle. While materials for this classic toy are extensive, we love super lightweight soft rattles they can effortlessly grasp, squeeze and shake. In time, their rattle can also become a comforting teething toy
  • Musical toys: Toys that play calming music are especially popular for newborns, helping them rest and relax. These sensory toys for newborns are often cute and cuddly as well, providing not only auditory experiences, but also a naptime or playtime friend
  • Mobiles: While most toys are designed to be actively played with, some are kept out of reach by design! Our colorful crib mobiles are among our most popular newborn toys to hang above baby’s crib or changing table, providing them with comforting visual stimulation to attract their focus

Shop all our newborn toys to bundle up on essentials for your bundle of joy!