YDBY Door mat, indoor/outdoor black, 1 ' 11 "x2 ' 7 "
YDBY Door mat, indoor/outdoor black, 1 ' 11 "x2 ' 7 "
YDBY Door mat, indoor/outdoor black, 1 ' 11 "x2 ' 7 "
Article Number102.305.62

Product details

The door mat is perfect for outdoor use since it is made to withstand rain, sun, snow and dirt.Easy to keep clean - just shake or rinse with water.The door mat may become sensitive to cracking if kept outdoors below 32°F.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Polyethylene
    Vacuum, shake or rinse.The door mat may become sensitive to cracking if kept outdoors below 32°F.
  • Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • YDBYDoor matArticle Number:102.305.62
    Width: 22 ¾ "Height: ½ "Length: 31 "Weight: 3 lb 1 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

2 ' 7 "
1 ' 11 "
4.95 sq feet
Surface density: 
10 oz/sq ft
Pile thickness: 
1/2 "


Great to trap debrisJuanelaI’m happy I decided to buy it, it traps all dirt before going inside the house5
Warps if it gets hotVal_PI was excited about this and it looked great until the sun hit it. It warped the first day it was in direct sun and now it's shaped really weird. I'm sure it's great for a spot that's shaded, but not great for what I need.2
Great for a kitty litter mat!Winnie poohI bought this to use as a kitty litter catch! It’s bigger than what you can buy on Amazon and it’s significantly cheaper.5
Great door matCheckerboard97This is my absolute favorite door mat. It doesn’t feel great on bare feet but that’s not really what it’s for. It is the best at capturing sand and dirt and it is very easy to clean - just dump it out and shake it. But if long hair gets caught in it it will stay there. Other than that I have no complaints at all.5
Terrific!claygirlBought two of these to start with, and found they are excellent at cleaning all mud and debris off any kind of shoe including tennis shoes with corrugated soles. We went back and purchased four more! Perfect for people with pets, kids, and yards!5
Aida3Bought this outside mat a couple of weeks ago, we put it outside the door and I love the way it cleans the the gunk from the bottom of All our shoes5
Awesome matDebhibbLast for a very long time, great price, and oversized! Win, win, win!5
GoodNessgAffordable and what I needed for outside my place. Just the right size too and been liking it do far4
The best door mat made.K SeraThis is my 3rd, I own a business in my home and also have dogs. Keeps everything from tracking in and you can shake them out and hose them down. Absolutely wonderful.5
Useful Doormat at a fair priceSilverspringkingUseful doormat for getting and keeping your feet clean.5
It"s good!PaulieTWe boght this and it works well, cleans our shoes when entering the house.4
Very durableChie101I bought this mat for our outside doorway. It is very durable and catches water and dirt from the shoes. It has the perfect size outside the door. I like it. I will definitely buy again.5
Exactly what we needed for RVShannon 321We purchased this for use outside of our RV. It was recommended to us by friends. Not Many places carry this type of may anymore and it was just what we needed. Impressive how much it cut down on the diet traced in while camping.5
Great Outdoor MatTinab19I bought this mat for outside my back door and it has rained a couple of times since this mat is very light weight, doesn't absorb the water like most mats, easy to shake out the excess water and dry's quick.5
Works greatLu22I am using this outside and it cleans our shoes well5
Nice mat...unless you have a dog!JerriLeeThis is a plastic mat which the water & dirt seeps through. It's designed to scrape dirt from all types of shoe soles. It's great! But I have a year old dog who chews plastic, rubber, cloth- anything he can- and within a day he was working on the corners of this. So I tried it just inside my front door, and a cat peed on it within hours. So m search for a doormat that won't get chewed up by a dog or peed on by a cat continues.4
Ample sizeMillie66Really helps keep the grit and small stones outside5
Great shoe scrubber!foolishfigI purchased this mat to replace my old one that finally disintegrated. I paid at least triple the price for the original, so was very happy to find this one for so much less. It is the same size, shape and design and seems to work just as well. It really scrapes the junk off the bottom of your shoes! It doesn't dry the bottom of your shoes, but that can be taken care of with a small rug mat just inside the door. They wash off with a hose and dry pretty quick. Or, just pick up and give a shake. Can't beat the price for sure. Very happy. I just wish it came in brown too.5
Dirt off!EvaRoBest, most useful doormat at an excellent price. Having a dog (& a guy) in the home insures constant junk on the floor. Other mats are adorable but useless - this one is very simple but does EXCELLENT job at scraping gunk off of shoes.5
Great for dogs!LadybugEI bought this specifically for my dog. She loves to rub her face and scratch her tummy on it. Easy to clean too. This was a replacement for prior one that was well loved.5

Function solution

Rugs for indoors or outdoors

We have a selection of rugs that you can use outdoors, on your deck, patio or balcony, as well as indoors. They are made to withstand rain, sun and dirt. If the entire rug should get wet, hang it over a rail or stand it upright in a loose roll. That helps both the rug and the floor dry much faster.

Door mat, indoor/outdoor black1 ' 11 "x2 ' 7 "

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YDBY Door mat, indoor/outdoor black, 1 ' 11 "x2 ' 7 "