VIDGA Glider with hook, white
VIDGA Glider with hook, white

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For easy hanging of curtains with VIDGA curtain hanging system.Makes it easy to move and arrange your curtains.Suitable for curtains with gathering tape.1 package is enough for 2 curtain panels.Designer

David Wahl

  • Wheel:Polyethylene
    Hook/ Main parts:Acetal plastic
    Metal part:Stainless steel
  • VIDGAGlider with hookArticle Number:702.607.68
    Width: 4 ¾ "Height: ½ "Length: 7 ½ "Weight: 2 ozPackage(s): 1

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24 pack


Easy to installjjhuth archUsed these along with the clips from the ring set of assembly. Worked out great. Didn't need the little white things though, wish I could have bought the glider with the clips.5
Worked well with Rosallil CurtainsYushWe bought lightweight Rosallil curtains to separate our studio apartment to create a bedroom. We used a wire for railing and these gliders were perfect as they were light and provided for smooth movement of the curtains.5
sweet slick operationxraghangergreat smooth working hangers and glides4
jackie2389The glider does not fit perfectly within the rail, so they can be pushed sideways and get stuck. Super annoying. In the previous kvartal version the rail tapered so the glider wouldn't get stuck.1
Answer to my needsPestieWhile making new curtains for my RV, we realized we needed a special type of mounting system because RV's in general have no wall supports to screwing to the wall was not an option. The rails and these gliders with hooks were the answer. The glider pieces have made the curtains hang beautifully and they slide back and forth with ease. These are a definite thing to keep in mind when conventional curtain mechanisms won't work. Thanks IKEA.5
SimplekrisindyWorks fin and easy to do. But going to buy more to get a cleaner pleated look at top when curtains open.5
Why from grate product downsize to the worstEmbiI have old version for over 10 years and is grate. This new version is just unusable. Connections are very bad. You can use it only if you don't need to connect with other peace (strait or corner). I was lucky enough because I kept extra connection parts from old version 10 years ago, otherwise I would have to return.I don't understand why IKEA discontinued something what was great and replaced it with something what can't work. If just connection parts would be replaced with different it could be good.1
Not A FannotquitemonroeBought these hooks for my first attempt at a track mounted system to cover my master bathroom entry way. Once you get the hang of how they snap together they aren't so bad. I personally don't think they're strong enough to support a lined curtain without using a full pack, plus this kind of mounting looks sloppy at the top. I'm planning to exchange for lighter weight curtains (which will pleat better) and will buy the metal drape pins to create a classier look.3

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Product development engineer Martin Bo Zhang has worked with curtain rails for more than a decade. He uses lots of gestures and body movements when he talks. Martin lifts both arms over his head like a ballerina. He's showing how hard it can be to keep a curtain rail in place while assembling it at the same time."There are 30-50 small screws," Martin says. He brings his thumb and forefinger together, leaving space for a grain of rice. "This small." He keeps one arm up and reaches toward the floor with his other arm. "If a screw falls on the floor, you can't find it," he explains, "and good luck if you have a high pile rug." So how did Martin, designer David Wahl and a team of many at IKEA figure out how to improve curtain rails? First, they researched what customers and co-workers said about curtain rails that had been returned. They had workshops with lots of IKEA colleagues, too. Then they started looking at anything and everything but curtains.

A concept that clicked

Buckles, belts and sports equipment—that's where David and the team got some unexpected ideas for VIDGA curtain rails. "By looking at solutions from different fields of products, you can get inspired to find new ways of solving problems," he explains. That's how the team came up with the concept for VIDGA to click together using as few tools as possible. And there aren't any rice-sized screws to lose. "You still put it together yourself," Martin says, lifting an arm into the air like he's holding a curtain rail against a wall. "But you don't need to spend an hour and a half with your arm like this." So now you know how customers and clicks helped improve curtain rails. That just leaves the robots.

Bring in the robots

Where are the robots, exactly? About an hour north of the IKEA home base in a town called Åseda with a population of roughly 2,500. A supplier there won the worldwide bid to produce VIDGA curtain rails, built a new factory and hired more than two dozen new employees. "Going from talking about the small things to being in the factory, looking at the conveyors going around the robots continuously working, is a mind-blowing experience," Martin says.
The team was able to automate production with the robots because they designed every piece of VIDGA from scratch. In fact, since nothing like VIDGA exists on the market, we're applying for a global patent for the whole system—a rare step for IKEA. Will you need to call in a high-tech robot to assemble VIDGA curtain rails for you? Nope. You'll just need a simple allen key. Sometimes a better everyday life starts with a click.

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How to measure your windows for curtains

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Designer thoughts

”When mounting curtain rails myself, I’ve often thought about how it could be made simpler so when I got the chance to create VIDGA curtain rail system, I knew what I wanted to do. The new system needed to look good, and be as easy to understand as to mount with just a few tools. And I am very pleased with the outcome! I’m sure you’ll like the end result, when all your curtains or panel curtains are in place.”

Glider with hook, white

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VIDGA Glider with hook, white


$3.00/ 24 pack