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VATTENKAR Laptop/monitor stand, birch,

Price $ 32.99

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Take care of your back and shoulders. Use this stand to enjoy having the monitor at the correct height and a better working position – at the office or when the kitchen table is your workplace for the day.

Article Number805.415.65

Product details

You can use this stand in different ways – as a fixed shelf for storing small things and a keyboard or as 2 separate supports or 1 higher support, depending on the height you want.

By placing the monitor at the correct height, you reduce the strain on your back and shoulders, resulting in better ergonomics.

As an extra divider on top of or in a bookcase, the stand becomes a nice detail that helps you make the most of vertical space.

Easy to move around.

Made of solid wood that creates a soft and natural feel.


Anna-Maria Nilsson


Depth: 10 1/4 "

Width: 20 1/2 "

Height: 5 1/2 "


A little wobblyJessicaIt’s a little bit wobbly at first , but the weight from my TV and other things on, it has kind of even up that wobbliness.4
Great accessoryJenLove this on my desktop.5
Vattenkar monitor standJohnI love it!5
Cheap. Avoid. MichaelThe upper surface that my monitor sits on has already begun to sag, causing my monitor to cant to one side. I’m not surprised - it’s IKEA. Oh well, off to the landfill. I’ll take my business to Amazon. 1
So versatileAI've started using this as a laptop table for different work areas. I can use it sitting on the ground, on the couch, in a chair, etc. It is just tall enough to put my work at a comfortable height. It's so much more useful than I expected it would be.5
Nice wooden shelfJeanneI was hoping to use this as a tv shelf with a dvd player underneath. It wasn’t quite long enough. It rests on a kitchen table with a kettle on top. I gave this a coat of varnish before I assembled it to dress it up a bit. 4
Had to buy 4 times to workKrystilThe first three times the shelf was wobbly/wouldn't lay flat on my desk. Each time it was clearly warped, and I tried screwing it a certain way to make it work. The 4th time I bought it the package was missing one of the four screws needed to assemble. Don't waste your time like I did.1
Simple & FunctionalJenniferAppreciate the simple design, very attractive, beautiful material, and easy to assmble.5
Very useful, however, a little uneven and wobblyTina W.I absolutely love this piece however, it drives me insane when it rocks on the table because it’s not level.4
Looks Good & FunctionalAmyThe pre-drilled holes on the pieces were not aligned, so it took a bit effort to force the screws into all the right alignments to put the item together. But the item is functional and looks good on the desk.4
Good but Very SweetRosina O.I really like the first piece or two, but the sweetness was overpowering after that. Still ... really good.4
Beautiful and Great FunctionLorraineI bought this for my docking station and screen. It looks like a beautiful piece of furniture and definitely worth every penny. I'm going to get another one for my home office.5
VattenkarCharlotteRight height to prevent fatigue while working on computer5
Nice item, however.JustinIt is a nice item and I appreciate how it can be easily changed back and forth to different positions. As other reviewers have commented, it does wobbly a little. I reduced this by loosening and retightening the screws after repositioning the connecting parts a little. Once I placed my computer monitor on top its weight eliminated the minor wobble. I did find the wood insufficiently lacquered and I applied an IKEA clear wood sealant that I had already had. That worked well to give it a more protective clear finish. Overall I am very pleased with this. It is made from layered-wood instead of cheap fiber board or something unnatural like plastic. It fits nicely on my desk and elevates my desk-top screen for better ergonomics.5
Space SaverJenniferI love this product. I use it for my laptop. It provides extra space for items I need to use, but never know where to put. I don't have to rearrange my desk every time I need to get to "b" and "c". I place my laptop on the top shelf and my items I use underneath. When I am done with item "a," I place it on the bottom and grab "b" or "c" and so forth. It is so much better then having to move the laptop every time I need to get to "b" or "c," etc. Love, love, love. And, I can also move the shelf, with the items on it, in one fell swoop.5
Better than a Grovemade Desk Shelf.TrumanMy main critique about desk shelves in general is that the dimensions are only good as a shelf. They don't take the size of laptops and monitors in consideration because they assume you would rather use a separate Metal Laptop Stand or an expensive $100 Monitor Arm. However, this Desk Shelf is very well thought out and is very versatile in its design as the dimensions can even accommodate a 32"inch monitor! It also comes with a smaller version of itself for your Laptop or Charging station underneath it. Better yet, the smaller shelf can be detached and used separately, giving you two shelves in one. Lastly, I love this stand's wood species and color. I've a Birch Table Top. Birch is known for its solid sturdy built but also as an inexpensive option. Most desk shelves merely copy the wood you find on wood flooring such as Walnut and are more expensive. Finding a desk shelf that uses Birch and has the right color of my desk was very hard. Ikea has saved me a lot of trouble!5
Love it!AlienaLove my new laptop stand. It elevated (no pun intended) the look of my desk and opened up more space for storage.5
Very versatile little shelfHeikeThis great little shelf and perfectly holds both of my laptops. It fits in great with my decor.5
Lovely and modern designAlanaI fully expected to purchase two but I love using them separated under both of my large monitors. There is adequate space underneath for storage and it looks so nice.5