VARDAGEN Dish towel, beige, 20x28 "
VARDAGEN Dish towel, beige, 20x28 "
VARDAGEN Dish towel, beige, 20x28 "
VARDAGEN Dish towel, beige, 20x28 "
VARDAGEN Dish towel, beige, 20x28 "
VARDAGEN Dish towel, beige, 20x28 "
VARDAGEN Dish towel, beige, 20x28 "

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Two loops make it easy to hang up the tea towel when you’re not using it.Made of 100% linen, a natural material with a pleasant texture and luster that also absorbs liquids very well.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Maria Vinka

  • 100 % linen
    Machine wash very hot, normal cycle.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Iron high.Do not dry clean.Shrinkage 4%.
  • No optical brightener has been used.Renewable material (flax).
  • VARDAGENDish towelArticle Number:802.926.36
    Width: 19 ¾ "Height: 0 "Length: 27 ½ "Weight: 2 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

28 "
20 "


Good bargainLMLRThese are really nice linen dish towels for the money. Some have said they had problems when they used the dryer with them which it says not to do. I have done it with no problem by mistake, but I use a med heat and don't dry things too long.5
AwfulSantaRosaOne wash and this towel was unraveling, CRAZY wrinkled1
Ugh. Don’t buy.FunkJunkI purchased 20 of these total. Every single one of them have shrank and are a crumpled mess when they come out of the dryer. They would be a fantastic decorative towel, but I do not have time to iron mine after washing and drying.1
Looked great in store. Then I washed..Danny66They looked awesome in store and I was excited to find them. I threw in wash before using and tumbled dry. They came out like a shriveled rag. I was so disappointed. What a waste.1
Vardagen Dish towelChelleKaeI purchased because they are beautiful linen. I will be embroidering on it to give as a gift.5
Thirsty dish towel!RainlillyThese have been a good replacement for my Irish linen towels that are ready for retirement.5
Nice fabricGrazkaBought it for sentimental reasons - love the smell of linen- my grandma used to saw lined dishtowels5
Nice fabric!OceanBlueI prefer linen and cotton for dish towels. Lovely color, nice large size and good quality.5
Great towelikeampsthe towels hold their shape after laundering. I use for machine embroidery and it holds the patten and looks good after laundering. For perfect look, will need to iron but looks fine hanging on an Ikea hook5
Best drying towels ever!OlliecatsTowels look great, dry dishes so fast! Easy care and super value. Love them.5
Beautiful and Flaxy!Kristin155I bought one of these on my last visit. It's soft, but has that gorgeous, flaxy feel that only linen has. I want all my dishtowels out of these. Also, please make napkins and bath towels. Yes, some of us like linen bath towels. I'll even settle for turkish towels.5
Linen dish towelMaggie BThis is a super value for pure linen dish towels. They are the best to dry everything especially glasses I liked the classic color combinations5
I love these towelsToyelaI had been looking for linen kitchen towels for a while, but they tend to be pricey. I jumped on these when I saw them at IKEA and have not been disappointed. They have softened with use over time and are wonderfully absorbent and lint-free. The only drawback is that they require ironing if you want them to look crisp and neat, but in a pinch, they look decent with 5 minutes in the dryer, then hanging to dry.4
BeautifulIntdecI absolutely loved the look of these. Unfortunately, I left the item at the store after my purchase. It was too far to drive back, so I called and they were very nice and refunded my card. I will definitely re-purchase the next time I go. Hopefully they still carry it.5
Linen workhorse of a towelIts a CrissyMy joy of shopping at IKEA grew immensely with finding a dish towel of 100% linen at such an affordable price! I love how the natural linen fibers absorb water better than cotton. The simple design is classic, and works well for doing re-enactment demonstrations. I've used this folded several times to pull pots and pans out of a cooking fire. My only wish is for this product to come in white with blue stripes.5
Linen ChichlctA classic linen towel gets more soft and absorbent with each wash. Follow washing instruction and simply air dry for fantastic look.5
Mom 23Did not wash well, needs to be ironed to look decent enough to hang in kitchen1
VARDAGEN Dish towel, beige, 20x28 "

Designing for the tastes of people around the world

Do you sometimes cook dishes from other cultures? Then you’re part of an international trend called transculturalism. It basically means that global cooking and eating habits are a lot more similar than you may think. How can we cater for this trend? We designed the VARDAGEN series with products that can be used in multiple ways. In Swedish, VARDAGEN means “every day”, which is just how the products are meant to be used, no matter where you live.  Read More
“Consumers have access to cultural diversity in cooking and eating from all over the world,” explains Ina Tidbeck Sjöblom, who helped create the products. “They want to taste the best of all cultures, which means that it’s not only in Asia that we need eating products for sushi.”

Creating products for all our differences (and similarities)

The VARDAGEN products are designed to turn differences into similarities. Like the eggcup. “We did it in a shape that it’s more like a very small dip bowl,” explains Ina. “So it’s also for Asian eating, you know the bowl where you put chili paste and other condiments.” Another bowl has just the right size and shape to be a rice bowl in Asia, but it can also be used as a side-salad or cereal bowl.

Answering the global demand for durability

VARDAGEN is uniquely suited to the global market—catering to the different needs of eaters. One thing people all over the world seem to agree on is the importance of durability. “We know from all the studies and research we do that people don’t want to buy and throw away things, they want to buy something that lasts,” says Ina. That’s why VARDAGEN is made from durable and sustainable materials, like glass, porcelain and stainless steel. That means, just like the name VARDAGEN suggests, they’ll be useful every day for many days to come.
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Designer thoughts

“The idea behind VARDAGEN was to create a series of robust textiles with a Scandinavian look and feel – and a touch of folklore. Working with the right materials was important, because kitchen textiles should be durable and of a high quality. The choice landed on linen and cotton, which both have a beautiful natural sheen, as well as being durable and functional. That’s how VARDAGEN became a series of reliable products that can be used over and over again – and age gracefully.”

Dish towel, beige20x28 "

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VARDAGEN Dish towel, beige, 20x28 "