URSKOG Book, Meet the tiger
URSKOG Book, Meet the tiger
URSKOG Book, Meet the tiger
URSKOG Book, Meet the tiger
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The tiger is the world's largest cat. It's one of the strongest, mightiest predators on earth. It's probably one of the most loved animals as well. This book tells you everything you need to know (and even a bit more) about this amazing animal.Recommended for ages 8 years and older.Text by Stefan Casta, illustrations by Anna Viktorsson.104 pages.
  • Hard cover:Solid cardboard, Paper, Chlorine free bleached paper
    Bookmark/ Body:Paper, Chlorine free bleached paper
  • URSKOGBookArticle Number:804.037.57
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Excellent full of informationniksappMy 9 y/o daughter is in love with tigers. Despite her knowing a lot about tigers already, she was fascinated with this book and found a lot of new information. She loves the tiger tail bookmark and just grabs it rereading sections many times in just the couple weeks she has had it. It is a quality thick hardcover book that will last for years. It has many excellent colorful drawings and great little funny facts about tigers as well.5
fun factszandlcI enjoy reading this book with my 2yr old and we both learned loads of fun facts about Tigers. I appreciate the staff working on this great message thus we could all work together to save the planet! But I found one mistake on the page of zodiac and years where ‘horse’ and ‘dragon’ were misplaced.4
Beautifulmonica2000I'm so happy, was for a present and I decided to keep it, will have to get more5

Book, Meet the tiger

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URSKOG Book, Meet the tiger