TRÅDFRI Remote control
TRÅDFRI Remote control
TRÅDFRI Remote control
TRÅDFRI Remote control
TRÅDFRI Remote control
TRÅDFRI Remote control
TRÅDFRI Remote control
TRÅDFRI Remote control
TRÅDFRI Remote control
TRÅDFRI Remote control
TRÅDFRI Remote control

Now it's really easy for anyone to use smart lighting. With the remote you can control your light sources. Turn on, turn off, choose colors and warm or cold light – and dim for the right mood.

Article Number004.431.30

Product details

You can use TRÅDFRI remote to control up to 10 LED light bulbs or LED light panels at a time - dim, switch on and off, choose colours and step by step change from warm to cold light.You can use TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app to create several groups of light sources and control them in different ways.Tested and approved for children.Can only be used with IKEA Smart lighting products.The remote control works with TRÅDFRI LED bulbs, FLOALT LED light panels and TRÅDFRI driver for wireless control.Approved for IP44.This product bears the CE mark.Works with IKEA Home smart.With TRÅDFRI remote control you can dim your lights without a hardwired installation.The remote control has a maximum range of 32 feet when not blocked by any walls.A magnet makes it easy to attach the remote control to the wall bracket.Battery is included, and last approx. 2 years.Tested and approved for bathroom use.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Backing:ABS plastic, Synthetic rubber
    Front:ABS plastic
    Wall fitting:Polycarbonate plastic
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.
  • TRÅDFRIRemote controlArticle Number:004.431.30
    Width: 3 ¼ "Height: 1 ¾ "Length: 5 "Weight: 5 ozPackage(s): 1

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1 "
3 "


ConvenientALANALove this lil remote, bought this for my husband prime 1 statue collection. It allows you to remotely control the display lights on multiple cabinets. Though the price tag could be better you will be pleased with this; it’s easy to hold, very versatile and effective for what we need it for. Store it on a table stick it on a wall or use the magnetize option to keep it attached to the cabinet your using it on. All those are in the packaging as options. I never have to worry about he nor I misplacing the remote again!5
Wonderful productJohannyThere are many solutions for home automation in the market, but TRÅDFRI remote is the best in my opinion for these reasons. 1- Works; 2- Affordable; 3- Secure as no need to integrate with a hub; 4- backed by IKEA standards; 5- product lasts as IKEA's product life is longer than others.5
WonderfulBrendaI have these in a few rooms now and they are so handy!5
One of the coolest products out there...OTTOCan't say enough about how wonderful this product is, it has helped us never having to walk into a dark room. One push and we have complete spectacular lighting! If you don't have one get one!5
Works well with designated transformersNealIt was not clear at the store, and the lighting department did not seem to know, that this dimmer only works with the newer transformers. Apparently the older system has been discontinued, although there were still products in the store of the older variety. Dimmer offers two ways to attach, which is nice if you don't want to drill extra holes into cabinetry.4
Fun & beautiful light systemRachaelFun & beautiful light system5
Wasn"t compatible with other smart systemsEmroishWe had done some internet searching and found people saying you could use other smart bulb systems. You can't; it has to be IKEAs. Thankfully we live close and were able to purchase, try it out at home, and return it in less than 2 hours3
Easy and convenientCAROLINEUsed as part of additional lighting setup for a wall facing desk unit. I plan to buy more for use around the house.5
Awesome productMARYAwesome product5
It’s amazing! Until the remote stops workingSad pandaConceptually, this is great! Practically, I’m going on my third remote. They die every six months or so. I’ve tried several different batteries and they just stop working. Just make a better remote and charge 45 instead of making me keep buying them! After this I’m going with Alexa.1
Battery burnerAllowThe remote goes through a lot of batteries1
wouldn"t sync to 30W drivertapac333rest it, changed batteries, and still wouldn't sync to driver even after touching it per directions. reset everything and wasted an evening to no change.1
Perhaps the most annoying consumer product ever!DigitalDave26I can't get it to work. After resetting everything and performing resets on the Remote Control and the Driver, I finally got it to pair up with one Driver. I couldn't possibly say what I did on the last try to make it work, nothing more than all the other tries as far as I can tell. But it absolutly will not pair with another Driver unit. I find no evidence of IKEA techincal support anywhere on the Web and of course all the stores are closed. Boo, awful product in my estimation. That and I'm quite sure the $500 I paid for all this under cabinet lighting is about the most expensive solution out there, I was hoping for at least good and all I have is awful and unusable screwed to the underside of my cabinets.1
Big disappointmentTom 66I bought this a month ago and it does not work. I tried syncing it with my wardrobe light and no go. I replaced the battery thinking that the one that came with it might be dead. No luck.1
does not worklnmet21I bought this product over a month ago and it does not work. Cannot return for exchange at this time. Technical support was not helpful, did not know this product.1
Love it!Elaine1983We have the whole IKEA line of smart bulbs and such. I love them all! The remote makes syncing them easier and it literally controls them.5
Stopped working. .. waste of money!AZpamelaStopped working after only a few months. I purchased new batteries twice. Pushed the reset button 4 times to reset it and still nothing. Called customer service - no help ! They could not refund me or simply send me another to keep a customer happy. Now I have to purchase another remote and hope it doesn’t have the same problem.1
Awsom!!!helennyEasy to control my room light on my bed!!!5
Al 10The item is good but the light bulb so expensive.5
BrokePopo1111I loved it when I started using but stop within 6 months.1

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TRÅDFRI Remote control