TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop, white
TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop, white
TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop, white
TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop, white
TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop, white
TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop, white

It’s perfect for smaller kitchens or wherever you need an extra cooking zone. It’s easy to move around and can be stowed away when not in use to free up counter space for other activities.

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Induction cooktops are extremely energy efficient, fast and precise as induction technology transfers energy directly into magnetic cookware.This cooktop is easy to store as you can use the holes in the back to hang it, or hang it by the handle.The handle makes it easy to carry and move the cooktop.Keep the cord in order by wrapping it around the cooktop handle and fastening with the clips when not in use.Perfect for the smaller kitchen or wherever you need an extra cooking zone.Rubber feet increase stability.The powerful fry function gives you instant heat for stir frying.Touch-control panel is easy to access and use, since it is placed in the front.Smooth tempered glass surface with integrated touch control panel makes it easy to clean.If you are uncertain about whether your cook- and fryware is safe to use on an induction cooktop, check with a magnet to see if the base is made of a magnetic material, which is a must.Induction cooktops requires cookware with magnetic base.1x1.8 kW induction zone.Connection rating: 1800W.Current: 14-15A.Voltage: 120V.Electronic display with child lock.Designer

Klara Petersen

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11 3/4 "
15 1/8 "
2 1/8 "
7 lb


It’s okayKrisWanted to see if this would work better than my propane burner. It does. But just a little. It takes a while to come up to temp and to recover during batches. Again. I would say okay.3
Love it. Works great, looksJeanLove it. Works great, looks great.5
Tillreda cooking applianceLeahIt works wonderfully!! My stove stopped working and I bought Tillreda for temporary usage. I plan to use it in addition to my stove. It heats quickly. A little bit noisy but at this price, it’s a keeper.5
TillredamiriamThis one is a companion for my 3 year old tillreda. I love it so much. I don't use anything else. 10 stars I've had other induction cook tops but this is the best.5
Works greatDanielThe cooking pad works great. The fan can be a bit loud. And the wattage only goes in increments of 200w. Good value.4
Worth it!TEDIGreat portable induction stovetop. Shopped online and found this to be a great price. Heats up quick. Easy to use. Loaned to a friend who was doing a cooking demo and she loved it.5
Best priceSusanThis is my second induction stove from Ikea. I broke the 1st when a jar fell out of my cupboard onto it. I considered buying somewhere else, but Ikea offered the best price. It works well for my current home away from home.5
Love it, perfect for hotpotCelestabellabethabelleI got this to replace the hot pot burner (also electric) that I used to have. I bought a new, stainless steel pot to replace the pot the old burner had come from, because it was non-stick and flaking (yikes!), and the new pot was just barely too big to fit the old burner. I looked into replacing it with a portable butane burner like I used to use in Japan, but frankly those worry me (and if you're having hotpot with beer, or with kids around...seems too dangerous). I checked that my new pot was magnetic and got this. It's PERFECT. Even with a lot of broth in my 12 pot, it comes to a boil quickly at 1800W, and I can easily tweak the temp to keep it at a simmer. It's not nearly as noisy as I was worried it would be (it's about as noisy as my air filter on low, if that helps gives a reference point). Plus, afterwards it's cool enough (still warm, but not burningly hot) on the surface that I'm not terrified one of my kids will get burnt while I'm waiting for it to cool so I can put it away.5
Great intro to inductionthehappybakerI bought this while we were trying to solve a complex kitchen electrical problem. I wanted to test induction cooking before I spent money to upgrade circuits to replace an electric cooktop with ann induction unit. This little unit has been a work horse when remodel was stalled by pandemic. It heats quickly and responds appropriately when I remove pan from surface. I've become dependent on the cooking timer that turns the induction burner off--great for pasta, boiled eggs, and many other cooking tasks. I wont go back to an old school cooktop when induction is so affordable.5
Great features- excellent pricetoo hard to getr a nameThis induction cooktop is simple to use, very mobile and compared to other induction cooktops, comes at an excellent price. The numbering system is a bit different from a normal stovetop, but it's easy to get used to.You can select to cook by wattage ot temperature. As in all induction cookware, changes are immediate. Although induction cooktops are cool to the touch, the pots and pans used do heat up and will make the glass top warm to hot to the touch. This is normal. Also check the pot or pan with a magnet to see if it'sd suitable for use with an induction stovetop.5
Super fast and modern design.Dave1948Have been using it for more than a month. I like it so much that I've stopped using the electric cooktop. Super fast, quiet, sleek design. Does not throw out hot air as some others do, so probably very economical to use. I highly recommend it.5
Marlee4lvI bought it a month a go, I am so please with this product.5
Gabe48I bought this little induction cooktop a few months ago as I was missing my Viking gas cook top after moving. I thought about biting the bullet and buying a induction stove, I am delighted that I decided to try induction before I bought. It is fantastic. This unit will keep me happy until my existing stove wears out. It is perfectly responsive both up and down temperature. I can now blacken fish and sear scallops. And when not in use it stores on a hook in a under counter cabinet. Great product fantastic price!!!!5
Temperature setting graduations are too greatMikeBrThe settings on this are too far apart to effectively fry an egg. I have to keep turning it up and down to cook an egg. One setting is too high and will make the egg crispy (crunchy) and tough. The next lower setting will cook the egg at all. Outside of that, this served its purpose while my kitchen was remodeled.3
So cool!Jimmy HExceptional controll of heat. Easy to clean. Only drawback is the sound. Gives off a high tone that can be pretty annoying.5
You really have to read up on it before you buyKarissa28So we just moved into a back house with no kitchen. IKEA was the first place we decided to go. We saw the Tillreda and got it. Had it for a few months before we used and when we finally did, it didn’t work. Took us almost a full day to set it up and finally when we did that, the pans didn’t work with it. We bought the pans from IKEA as well. Now we have to return BUT the store is closed because of the rona (corona virus)2
With great power come great big electricity billHannibal1313It works great but used a large amount of energy3
Doesn"t workKenzi464I had to return it because it never worked.1
Excellent valueBlack KnightI bought two of the to use in our motor home while we're building a new home. b They sit conveniently on top of the Corian counter over the gas rings installed below. They provide better heating at maximum setting than the alternative propane rings, are far easier to keep clean and work great with our Renaware SS cookware. The incremental settings work okay but there is a pause as they reset that can confuse the operator as to what is going on exactly. The temperature settings are accurate based upon my laser thermometer testing. One criticism are the positioning guides. They do not extend out far enough to precisely center any pan where the flat base is larger than 7 (17.75 cm) as they become hidden. There is no technical reason the guide line could not be much longer. I have extended mine with a paint pen. I have used induction hobs before having installed a large unit in our previous house. I plan to use these in the new home as complimentary heating surfaces when entertaining, cooking outside on the patio or back in our coach when we travel.5

Portable induction cooktop, white

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TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop, white