SVALNÄS Wall-mounted shelf combination, bamboo, 26x9 7/8x69 1/4 "
SVALNÄS Wall-mounted shelf combination, bamboo, 26x9 7/8x69 1/4 "
SVALNÄS Wall-mounted shelf combination, bamboo, 26x9 7/8x69 1/4 "

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With a spacious storage solution everything has its place; makes it easy to find your things.Shelves of different depths and widths mean you have space for everything from trinkets to books.Only for indoor use.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.Be aware that different wall materails are able to support different loads of weight. For instance, walls made of drywall cannot support as much weight as walls made of wood, concrete or brick.If you are uncertain about what type of mounting devices to use, please contact your local hardware store.Designer

Jon Karlsson

  • Shelf
    Bracket:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Shelf:Bamboo, Honeycomb structure paper filling (100% recycled), Bamboo, Clear acrylic lacquer, Clear acrylic lacquer, Clear acrylic lacquer
    Wall upright
    Bamboo, Clear acrylic lacquer
    Shelf/wall uprightWipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • This product comes as 6 packages.
    SVALNÄSShelfArticle Number:803.228.60
    Width: 6 "Height: 1 ¼ "Length: 25 ¾ "Weight: 2 lb 3 ozPackage(s): 2
    SVALNÄSShelfArticle Number:003.228.59
    Width: 9 ¾ "Height: 1 ¼ "Length: 25 ½ "Weight: 2 lb 14 ozPackage(s): 2
    SVALNÄSWall uprightArticle Number:103.228.49
    Width: 1 ¼ "Height: 1 "Length: 69 ¼ "Weight: 2 lb 0 ozPackage(s): 2

Product size

26 "
9 7/8 "
69 1/4 "
Min. depth: 
5 7/8 "
Max. depth: 
9 7/8 "


Looks greatsargepepperBought htis sice we needed shelves, and these fit the bill (renwable wood, light and looked good). Once up, they are stable and lovely. Used the two-drawer shelf to 'extend' the desk. Only issue we had was during installation. Holes for the support screws (anchoring the shelf uprights to the wall) must be drilled quite precisely ahead of time. There's some wiggle room in the setup, but would have been great if it was done differently. The location we were putting the shelves wasn;t ideal for the precision work required. We measured, re-measured and eventually got it right. We're happy with the results.4
Twice the funPoblanaNot really fun, but enjoyable. This was the second Christmas season in a row where my son and I filled a wall with SVALNAS. It looked beautiful and is wonderfully functional. The first time was for the “ game room/ tv room. This second time was for the “office”. The only difficult part is keeping everything level. But there’s a tool for that. And it looks impressive and is very functional.4
Perfect storage solution for DVDs and Bluray!Tom HI wish I could leave a review for the Svalnäs collection, as a whole, but since this configuration is the closest thing to our final product, I decided to leave my review here. I've been looking for the perfect storage solution to our DVD and Bluray collection for a long time now. We had a couple of the Besta shallow shelf units, which worked pretty well, but were discontinued and no longer available. Plus, the height on the unit only accommodated two shelves of disks, and led to wasted space. Billy bookcases are great for books, but are twice as deep as you need for DVDs, so there again is a lot of wasted space. Enter the Svalnäs! The more shallow shelf units are the perfect depth for movie cases, and the ultra modular design really allows you to create a custom solution for your space. We ended up buying three of the tall mounting rails, and 14 shelves. The tall rails are perfectly spaced to hold seven shelves each, for the best efficiency. The system isn't too hard to assemble, but you need to make a lot of accurate measurements to ensure a level shelf. Measure ten times, drill once. To make your job easier, I'd recommend a long level (maybe 36 inches long), and a chalk line. A plum bob might be helpful, too. To this point, I wouldn't mind paying a few extra dollars for a printed paper template to ease the planning process for the vertical mounting rails.5


Bamboo is stronger and more flexible than most wood, as it has longer fibers. It can grow up to three feet per day and produces twice as much oxygen compared to other wood species. The bamboo that IKEA uses is ready for harvest after 4-6 years. Bamboo is a grass, not a tree, and does not need replanting. It not only grows like grass, but spreads like grass.

Wall-mounted shelf combination, bamboo26x9 7/8x69 1/4 "

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SVALNÄS Wall-mounted shelf combination, bamboo, 26x9 7/8x69 1/4 "